The Cash Flow for Eni in 2016 was 7673 (€ millions)

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enter and discover the most important documents about the approval of the financial statements in the Meeting of Shareholders held on May the 12th.

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Financial Calendar

In line with the best practice in the market, Eni publishes limited reports on the results of the second and fourth quarters.

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2017-2020 Strategic Plan

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Reclassified cash flow statement

Contacts Summarized group cash flow statement and changes in net borrowings A statutory summary to highlight the link between cash flow and changes in net debt between the start and end of the reclassified [...] reclassified period. Effective January 1, 2016, management elected to change the criterion to recognize exploration expenses ...

10 April 2017 Section: investors

2017-2020 Strategic Plan targets

target : 5-7 bln by 2020 Cash Flow 20 bln Free Cash Flow 12 bln per year average Cash Flow From Operations in 2019-2020 47 bln Cash Flow from Operations CAPEX Cash Neutrality (Cash Flow = CAPEX) at <$45/bbl [...] of gas and 45% of oil). Production : CAGR +3% per year; approx. +5% in 2017 vs. 2016 Upstream : CAPEX -13% vs previous 2016-2019 plan Exploration : 2-3 bln boe of ...

27 July 2017 Section: enipedia

2016 results

2016 results Eni's results in 2016 in the company's annual profile. The 2016 results mark the successful conclusion of a radical transformation process. Over the past three years, Eni has restructured [...] achievements during the year. Economic and financial results Cash flow : FY normalized cash flow from operations up ...

6 April 2017 Section: company

Eni SPA dividend and how they are distributed

share with an ex-dividend date of 19 September 2016 with payment on 21 September 2016. On 13 April 2017, the AGM resolved to allocate the 2016 net profit of 4,521,093,313.31, of which 3,080,637,260.11 remains [...] and dividends with cash flow from operations; the ...

16 March 2017 Section: investors share data and information

Saipem in January 2016, the results of the segment have been classified as discontinued operations based on theguidelines of IFRS 5 in 2013-2015 period. (a) Calculated on the average number of Eni shares outstanding [...] the year 2016 is based on the Board's proposal. (d) Ratio between dividend of the ...

7 July 2017 Section: investors

Selected consolidated financial data

financial data by business sector. You can read the chart and an interactive version. Effective January 1, 2016, management elected to change the criterion to recognize exploration expenses adopting the successful- [...] effort-method (SEM). The successful-effort method is largely adopted by oil&gas companies, to which Eni is increasingly comparable given ...

10 April 2017 Section: investors

Energy research, production and distribution

leading time to market. In refining and marketing, and in chemicals, we have achieved a positive cash flow two years ahead of our target. In gas and power retail we now have 10m customers, 2.5m of which [...] which are outside Italy. In the same year, we reduced accidents at ...

19 July 2016 Section: operations

FAQs Eni on the stock exchange and dividends

updated Eni stock quotes and performance? The updated Eni stock quote and performance are available on the web site in the "Investor Relations" area " Eni on the Stock Markets" /en_IT/investors/eni-on-the- [...] Exchange Agency Eni abbreviation Reuters ENI.IM Bloomberg ENI.IM For information on Eni share price on ...

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

2017 Business Outlook

prices improve and defend value in future downturns. The 2017-2020 plan will enable Eni to achieve superior cash flow growth by building a high margin portfolio based on material and conventional resources, [...] FY production target of 1.84 mln boe/d (up by 5% from 2016) leveraging on new project ...

15 May 2017 Section: investors

Sensitivity factors between prices and profits

oil and gas prices. The relationship between prices and profits Eni's results of operations and cash flow, mainly in the Exploration & Production Division, are greatly influenced by trends in oil and gas

12 May 2016 Section: investors