Eni adjusted net profit in 2016 was -340 (€ million)

Source: Integrated Annual Report 2016

Adjusted net profit by segment

Adjusted net profit from continuing operations pertaining to Eni shareholders on a standalone basis.

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2016 results

Eni’s results in 2016 in the company’s annual profile.

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Selected consolidated financial data

Here you can find the annual economic and financial data by business sector. You can read the chart and an interactive version.

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Eni's strategy

Our commitment and aims for the period to 2021

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Investor relations contacts

For further information on Eni's shares, stock markets and strategy contact our Investor Relations experts

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Annual and fourth-quarter results

increase in adjusted operating profit compared to 2016 51 m : 2017 adjusted net profit in G&P sector 51 m : 2017 adjusted net profit in G&P sector 2017 sustainability results There were three main achievements [...] of logistic costs and synergies from Upstream integration in the LNG business. The customer ...

19 February 2018 eni.com Section: operations

Eni: energy company

reflects a winning strategy Positive figures all round for Eni and a return to profit.The first half of 2017 ended for Eni with an adjusted net profit of 1.2 billion and an adjusted operating profit of 2.9 [...] are thin, light and flexible - like photographic film. News Eni ...

12 January 2017 eni.com Section: home

Refining & Marketing: 2016 performance and capital expenditure

(a) 69 32 (37) 41 Income taxes (a) (250) (197) 53 . Tax rate (%) 32,8 32,0 (0,8) (319) Adjusted net profit (loss) 512 419 (93) (18,2) (a) Excluding special items. In 2016, the Refining & Marketing [...] by third parties which was recognized virtually certain at the closing date ...

13 September 2017 eni.com Section: enipedia

Exploration & Production: 2016 performance and capital expenditure

consolidated subsidiaries. (c) Three-year average. (d) Hydrocarbon production from fields fully operated by Eni (Eni's interest 100%) amounting to 122 mln toe, 125 mln toe and 117 mln toe in 2016, 2015 and 2014, [...] performance continued on a positive trend, with a total recordable injury rate of 0.34 ...

8 August 2017 eni.com Section: enipedia

Gas & Power: 2016 performance and capital expenditure

(million) 7,9 7,9 7,8 Direct GHG emissions (mmtonnes CO2 eq) 10,12 10,57 11,22 GHG emissions/kWheq (Eni Power) (gCO2eq/kWheq) 409 409 398 Installed capacity power plants (GW) 5,3 4,9 4,7 Electricity produced [...] These effects were partly offset by optimization actions ...

9 August 2017 eni.com Section: enipedia

Eni SPA dividend and how they are distributed

dividends are subject to a withholding tax or are treated in part as taxable income. Find out more on eni pedia

16 March 2018 eni.com Section: investors

Analysts’ estimates

CET. Consensus estimates Adj. net profit attr. to Eni shareholders 0.57 1,869 The data supplied are based upon Eni S.p.A.'s elaboration of broker forecasts. Eni S.p.A. gives no guarantee nor makes any representation

2 February 2018 eni.com Section: investors

Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 12, 2016

downloadable in pdf Resolutions Eni S.p.A. Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting held on May 12, 2016 resolved: to approve the financial statements at December 31, 2015 of Eni S.p.A. which show a net profit of [...] available on www.eni.com . Documents Minutes of the Shareholders' Meeting pdf 276 ...

19 June 2017 eni.com Section: enipedia

Eni.com share data and information

operations based on theguidelines of IFRS 5 in 2013-2015 period. (a) Calculated on the average number of Eni shares outstanding during the year. (b) Pertaining to Eni's shareholders. (c) The amount of dividends

7 July 2017 eni.com Section: investors

Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting May 13, 2015

downloadable in pdf Resolutions The Ordinary Eni Shareholders's Meeting, held today, resolved the following: to approve the financial statements at 31 December 2014 of Eni S.p.A. which report a net profit amounting [...] Legislative Decree 58/98. Documents Minutes of the Shareholders' Meeting pdf 300 KB Press Release ...

19 June 2017 eni.com Section: enipedia