The number of Eni employees in United Kingdom in 2016 was 981

Our people and employees

Eni’s employees are essential to achieve all the company’s goals. Their dedication and professionality are the boost of the competitiveness and sustainability of Eni business.

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Eni’s activities in the United Kingdom

Eni's activities in the United Kingdom Eni's activities in the United Kingdom Overview In detail: Eni's exploration, development and production activities in the United Kingdom the marketing of gas in [...] through the subsidiary ETS Eni offices and contacts in the United Kingdom Exploration & Production Eni has been ...

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International Careers

terms. Our international employees work flexibly across the globe, often in remote locations. To provide the wide-ranging support they need - both in work and outside of work - in 2003 Eni created a dedicated [...] Individualized training and development Eni International Resources Ltd certified as one of the Top Employers United Kingdom ...

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Eni's activities in Ivory Coast

monetization of resources through the sale of minority stakes. Offices and contact Exploration & Production Eni Côte d'Ivoire Limited Ebury Bridge House 10 Ebury Bridge Road London, SW1W 8PZ United Kingdom Telephone:

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Eni’s activities in The Netherlands

with a wide range of specialties (coolants, brake fluids, Adblue, base oils, etc.) in Benelux, United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavian countries through retailers and direct sales. The sales of lubricants

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Eni Trading & Shipping (ETS)

for trading and commodity risk management . People and values We work tirelessly to achieve excellence and promote new approaches to our work. We dedicate time to carrying out all the necessary checks, even [...] draw on their vast experience at Eni come from a wide range of professional and cultural backgrounds ...

12 May 2016 Section: operations

Exploration activities and successful discoveries

exploration track record. Discovered 1.1 billion boe of additional resources at a cost of 0.6 $/boe. Additions to the Company's resources backlog were 3.4 billion boe in the last three years, at a cost of [...] exploration track record. Discovered 1.1 billion boe of additional resources ...

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The production activities of Eni oil fields

increased production in Iraq were partly offset by planned facilities downtime, mainly in the United Kingdom, and the mature fields declines. The share of oil and natural gas produced outside Italy was

4 May 2017 Section: operations

Eni's investments in the Exploration & Production segment

to contain fugitive emissions, in particular developed for the 2016 in Egypt, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, Ecuador and United States. In March 2016, Goliat platform started-up, through advanced technology

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The procurement and sale of natural gas

(2.62 bcm) decreased compared to the previous year (3.16 bcm in 2015) due to lower sales in the United Kingdom and in the United States, partially offset by higher sales marketed in Norway. Sales in the Extra

12 May 2016 Section: operations

Eni partner: "Cubisti Cubismo"at Complesso del Vittoriano

at Complesso del Vittoriano ni is a partner for a major exhibition entitled Cubisti Cubismo on the work of Picasso, Braque, Léger and the international language of Cubism, from 8 March to 23 June 2013 , [...] patronage of the President of the Republic, the exhibition boasts the collaboration and support of ...

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