The number of Eni employees in Usa in 2016 was 402

Our people and employees

Eni’s employees are essential to achieve all the company’s goals. Their dedication and professionality are the boost of the competitiveness and sustainability of Eni business.

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Seismic data

and 36%) conducted at the University of Texas at Austin (USA). Why is Eni (along with its competitors) interested in gravitational flows? In many deep-sea sedimentary basins, the repetition of this phenomenon [...] with 3D Gravity Flow Eni proprietary software. The canyon is about 30km (18.6 miles) long. Colours indicate ...

1 January 2016 Section: Innovation

Eni’s activities in the United States

activities in the G&P sector for which Eni has signed a strategic alliance agreement with Quicksilver Resources Inc. Eni's presence, in the R&M sector, in the lubricants market Eni offices and contacts in the United [...] meters. Daily production of natural gas was 186,7 mmcf. Eni gas ...

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

Eni’s credit rating and debt

guaranteed by Eni SpA, with Eni SpA and Eni Finance International SA as issuers a US Commercial Paper Programme for a maximum total amount of $2 billion, entirely guaranteed by Eni SpA, with Eni Finance International [...] The issuers of the EMTN Programme, entirely guaranteed by Eni SpA, are Eni SpA ...

12 March 2018 Section: investors

Payment transparency: implementing the EITI in countries of operation

February 2016) already for payments relating to 2012. Eni has been a member of the Multi Stakeholder Group since 2008 and is actively engaged in its work. The local MSG includes: Institutional sector: the [...] was published, for which Eni, as with previous editions, provided the data within its competence. The ...

2 February 2017 Section: enipedia

Energy from waste heat

won an Eni Award for research into energy created from waste heat. Using nanocrystals to break a 40-year record The Renewable Energy Prize went to Mercouri Kanatzidis, from Northwestern University (USA), for [...] nanocrystals which, at high temperatures, lead to a significant increase in performance. In the course of his work ...

12 May 2016

Eni Award 2015, Mercouri Kanatzidis. Energy from waste heat

developed by Eni. Eni Award 2011 Edition In 2010 Eni Award prizes went to six international research scientists and three projects developed in the Eni laboratories. Eni Award 2010 Edition In 2010 Eni Award [...] heat pdf 18 KB Read also Eni Award 2014 Edition In 2014 Eni Award prizes went ...

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

Strategy 2018-2021

72495 , in the UK + 44 1 212818005 and in the USA + 1 7187058797 . After dialling the number, the system will ask you to use the code 731, followed by #. ENI CORPORATE APP Audio webcast available also on [...] presentation in English by conference call (over the phone), watch it anywhere by ...

16 March 2018 Section: investors

The centrality of natural gas in a scenario of change

technically recoverable resources suggest that long-term global demand will be easily covered by productive availability . The proven reserves amount to about 220,000 bcm and recoverable resources to 800,000 bcm; [...] energy company.We are working to build a future where everyone can access energy resources efficiently and sustainably. Our ...

18 October 2017 Section: company

Scenario and Performance

crucial. First signs of rebalancing In 2016, the decline in non-OPEC production, particularly in the USA, and the robust increase in demand were offset by growth in OPEC production which has slowed the absorption [...] refining industry persists a strong competitive pressure by players located in the Middle East, the USA ...

6 April 2017 Section: investors

Eni supports The Guardians: Hero and Superhero. Two new sculptures at Bryant Park in New York

since 1962, when Agip USA Inc. was set up in order to promote the purchase of material of interest to Eni in the U.S. Eni has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 2005. Eni recently signed an [...] a hallmark for Eni. Eni's motto, "culture of ...

10 December 2013 Section: enipedia
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