As per legislative decree 195/2006, which conforms to the EU directive 2004/109/109/CE (on Transparency) from 2008 intermediate management reports for the first and third quarters will be published within forty-five days of the end of the period concerned.

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FAQs Board of Directors

has to be approved by the Board of Directors? The Board is called upon to approve the economic and financial data contained in the company's consolidated annual, half-yearly and quarterly reports and in [...] Eni communicate at the beginning of the year the dates of Board meetings called to approve ...

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Remuneration Reports – Full transparency

Plain for all to see We provide an annual Remuneration report: transparency in prime position. The Remuneration Report, approved by the Board of Directors on February 28, 2017, as per the recommendation [...] first section of the Report has been prepared in line with the recommendations on remuneration of the Italian ...

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Corporate Governance Report approved by Board of Directors

News Corporate Governance Report This Report, approved by the Board of Directors, provides a general and comprehensive overview of the corporate governance system adopted by Eni. In compliance with applicable [...] practices actually applied. The text of the Report is made available to the public in the manner and by the ...

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quarter results 27 October 2017 Report on payments to governments 2016 13 April 2017 Summary annual review - Eni in 2016 22 March 2017 Annual Report on Form 20-F 01 March 2017 Full Year 2016 and Fourth Quarter [...] 2014 02 April 2015 Annual Report on Form 20-F 02 April 2015 Full ...

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Financial Calendar Archive 2017

practice in the market, Eni also publishes limited reports on the results of the second and fourth quarters, at the same time as the interim and annual reports are released respectively. 2017 Financial Calendar [...] performances considering the disclosure policy followed by peers which are reporting on a quarterly basis. Quarterly ...

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Eni at the Sanremo Festival: "many tales, one story"

Eni at the Sanremo Festival: "many tales, one story" Eni at the Sanremo Festival: "many tales, one story" 3D TV promotions by the young artists, Hello, Savants! Script by Ilaria Bernardini. San Donato

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"Many stories", a story for Eni at the Sanremo Song Festival

"Many stories", a story for Eni at the Sanremo Song Festival "Many stories", a story for Eni at the Sanremo Song Festival Building on the success of last year, also in this edition the audience are taken

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Results and reports

FAQs Corporate governance and regulations for shareholders' meetings We are an energy company.We are working to build a future where everyone can access energy resources efficiently and sustainably. O

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Press announcements 2006

Statements 2005 and Annual Report 2005 pdf 83 KB Quarterly Report at 30.9.2006 pdf 55 KB Payment of interim dividend 2006 and First Half Report at 30.6.2006 pdf 47 KB Quarterly Report at 30.6.2006 pdf 70 KB [...] newspapers from 2007 to 2015. Documents Quarterly ...

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Committees of the Board of Directors

specific regulations approved by the Board of Directors , consistent with the criteria established by the Corporate Governance Code. At each meeting the Chairmen of the Committees report at the Board on the [...] and / or supervision; to this end, it shall report to the Board, at least once every six months ...

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