Schoolnet: the kids of Tataouine are the winners

event, to be held on 15 October at 10 am at the Hotel dell'Arpa in Viggiano, will also involve schools from Tramutola, Marsico Nuovo and Viggiano, winners of the national prizes, and the kids from Tataouine, [...] greetings will be offered by Eni and the institutions that supported the project ...

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Eni’s activities in Italy

concession (Eni's interest 60.77%) in the Basilicata Region in Southern Italy. Production from the Monte Alpi, Monte Enoc and Cerro Falcone fields is treated by the Viggiano oil center. On August 12, 2016 the [...] the activity of the Val d'Agri Oil Centre in Viggiano gradually restarted following ...

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Eni's investments in the Exploration & Production segment

Ghana and Norway. Development expenditures in Italy concerned in particular the facility upgrading of Viggiano oil center in Val d'Agri (see - Main exploration and development projects - Italy) as well as sidetrack

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Sand box

energy resources efficiently and sustainably. Our work is based on passion and innovation, on our unique strengths and skills, on the quality of our people and in recognising that diversity across all aspects [...] of a sedimentary basin. Calculation codes: beginning with structural models, physicists and chemists work to simulate the ...

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Eni: the history of a great company

industry. Our portrait From the beginning we have put people at the centre of our activities: for them we began to produce energy and have continued to work with them. From 1972 to 1998: new agreements and [...] Eni's first steps Since its foundation, in 1953, Eni has established very ...

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Eni’s relations with local communities

the town of Aksai of 418 people, including people from the most vulnerable social groups. The second phase is now underway, which will move all the other residents (about 1200 people) to condos or detached [...] such as in Basilicata, Eni continues its strategy for the involvement of stakeholders also by ...

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Prize-giving Ceremony-International initiative for first level secondary schools 2012-2013

organised by Eni in collaboration with the Ministry of Education - the Basilicata Region Education Department , the Region of Basilicata and the institutions and departments of education in the respective [...] identity and perspectives of a community . The aim of the initiative is to promote dialogue between young people from different regions ...

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2016 results

institutions.The Protocol is structured on the institutes of the school-work alternation and first-level apprenticeships. School-work alternation projects In 2016 Eni signed a memorandum of understanding [...] initiative and other investments in safety permits to reduce of 21% the total recordable injury rate of work force (down by 11 ...

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Eni is Special Partner of the Los Angeles Film, Fashion and Art Fest Los Angeles, 20 – 26 February 2011

and his ancient traditions which he won't renounce. Oduroh's Africa, however, is modernising fast. People from Algiers to Cape Town want to talk to each other in person and Malcolm X addresses a meeting [...] Eni's companies to Ferradini, have been a driving force for the development of ...

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Our people

For Eni, our people are central to the competitiveness and sustainability of our business. Enhancing our people Our level of excellence is achieved thanks to the investments we make in our people; a strategic [...] What it is like to work on a platform: a complex world from an environmental and ...

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