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Eni’s activities in Taiwan

Eni's activities in Taiwan Eni's activities in Taiwan Overview In detail: Eni's activities in Taiwan Gas & LNG Marketing and Power sector Eni operates in the country in the Gas & LNG Marketing and [...] and Power sector Eni's activities in Taiwan Overview Gas & LNG Marketing and Power sector

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

Volume 2 – World Gas and Renewables Review 2018

Contacts Volume 2 - World Gas and Renewables Review 2018 Eni presents the second volume of the World Oil, Gas and Renewables Review , the annual statistics report that this year has reached the17 th edition. [...] importer. Gas demand rose substantially also in several other Asian countries: Pakistan (+16.6%), Taiwan (+16 ...

23 October 2018 Section: investors

Our people

For Eni, our people are central to the competitiveness and sustainability of our business. Enhancing our people Our level of excellence is achieved thanks to the investments we make in our people; a strategic [...] the Adriatico Sea of the coast of Ravenna. Meet our people Find out about the experiences ...

12 May 2016 Section: careers

What it means to work at Eni

the industry. The passion and expertise that our people put into their work every day allow us to look to the future with confidence, convinced that Eni will be able to seize all the opportunities posed [...] Home Being part of eni With 29,000 employees in 66 countries, working at ...

12 May 2016

Safety at work

completely. Safety a central issue Above all, managing safety means ensuring that none of our people come to harm. At Eni we achieve this by adopting organisational and risk-management models to analyse hazards

7 September 2018 Section: Sustainability

Our people and employees

News Our people Eni's people are central to everything the company does. Our objectives can only be achieved with their dedication and professionalism. A knowledge hub For us, people are an essential and [...] discrimination pdf 14 MB Promoting a global dialogue We work in an international context. Our people ...

19 April 2018 Section: company

Our people in numbers

Contacts Our People in numbers We operate in 71 different countries around the globe, with about 33,000 men and women working for us. Our work is based on passion and innovation, on our unique strengths [...] energy resources efficiently and sustainably. Our work is based on passion and innovation, on ...

19 April 2018 Section: careers

Professional growth of Eni's people

growth of Eni's people Professional growth of Eni's people Overview In detail: an online training tool that provides the basic principles of sustainability, produced in collaboration with Eni Corporate [...] without compromising jobs. In fact, many people have been reassigned to new businesses or areas where their skills can ...

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

How we work: Internationalism, dialogue, an integrated approach

News How we work Internationalism, dialogue, an integrated approach. These elements underpin how the men and women of Eni approach their roles every day. Creating sustainable value Our corporate aim is [...] of trust we have with those who work with us and to contribute to the achievement of business success ...

1 January 2016 Section: company

Being part of Eni

of the communities where we operate. Eni in a day Eni all over the world with the face of its people that changes with every parallel and time zone: at school, at work, near and far from home. Every day, [...] based on personal merit. Enhancing our people also involves regular ...

27 July 2017 Section: careers

Eni’s brand identity

set of challenges. Eni with Italy: the institutional campaign The new campaign highlights Eni's initiatives and commitments in Italy and features a number of people who talk about how Eni's ideas have taken [...] facing many challenges, Eni is evolving still, constantly aiming to improve both its work and ...

12 May 2016 Section: company

What we expect from our people

Contacts What we expect from our people We have developed a Model of Excellence which combines the skills, attitudes and competence necessary for the growth of people and the company. Model of Excellence [...] Setting an example Our reputation and credibility depend on our consistent approach to business. We work with ...

12 May 2016 Section: careers

Eni Trading & Shipping (ETS)

solutions. ETS enhances Eni's unique position as a European leader in the gas sector , acting as a single hub for trading and commodity risk management. People and values We work tirelessly to achieve excellence [...] responsibility underpin our work, ensuring we comply with legislation, our in-house code of ethics and ...

2 July 2018 Section: operations

Corporate welfare and personal services

family is a fundamental element in Eni's welfare programme. Here are some initiatives we provide to help people with their work/life balance: Eni 0-6 Nursery School Eni 0-6 is the company's pre-school nursery [...] Contacts Employee Well-being Eni has always been a company that cares. We constantly aim ...

10 August 2018 Section: careers

Amran's story

"In my life I have had many surprises, such as becoming part of this company. These people welcome you with open arms and do much more than I would have expected before starting to work." 08/09/2016 - 5:00 [...] Contacts Amran's story Amran is from Bangladesh, he is ...

1 January 2016 Section: careers

Respect for Human Rights

to the management of many company activities. CLAUDIO DESCALZI, CEO Our approach Eni's approach to Human Rights builds on the dignity of every human being and on companies' responsibility to contribute [...] processes. We value continuous engagement and training on Human Rights for our people and our business partners. We ...

20 March 2018 Section: Sustainability

Eni gas e luce

The retail market: Eni gas e luce. Energy in your home The retail market: Eni gas e luce. Eni's energy: an unfolding story Developing new products and signing up quality clients: these are our objectives [...] world of home energy. Eni gas e luce is not just an energy supplier ...

31 August 2017 Section: operations

Eni products for people on the move

News Eni products for people on the move Eni cares about people who every day are on the move on the road with a range of products and services: Enistation, Enjoy, Oil Products, Multicard. Eni for business [...] retail activities, such as Eni stations and fuel, as well as our car ...

13 February 2018 Section: operations

Eni at the Sanremo Festival: "many tales, one story"

Eni at the Sanremo Festival: "many tales, one story" Eni at the Sanremo Festival: "many tales, one story" 3D TV promotions by the young artists, Hello, Savants! Script by Ilaria Bernardini. San Donato [...] for the gas and electricity market (with "Eni Gas Light and the simplest solution") and fuel (with ...

13 February 2012 Section: enipedia

Cenacolo: Special opening hours thanks to Eni on 24 February and 30 March

have been many restoration works carried out in order to save the masterpiece. In 1999, after more than 20 years of work, the most recent conservation effort concluded. Thanks to the removal of many layers [...] Cenacolo: Special opening hours thanks to Eni on 24 February and 30 March Cenacolo: Special ...

23 February 2012 Section: enipedia
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