The number of Eni employees in Myanmar in 2016 was 21

Eni’s sustainability projects in Myanmar

Eni is engaged in a series of activities in Myanmar to support communities and the environment.

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Our people and employees

Eni’s employees are essential to achieve all the company’s goals. Their dedication and professionality are the boost of the competitiveness and sustainability of Eni business.

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In Myanmar, the Eni Foundation has launched a project to support the population of the Magway region by providing access to water and assisting with agriculture.

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Myanmar: terra del sorriso e degli elefanti bianchi | Eni Video Channel

Siamo andati a scoprire i villaggi dell'entroterra del Myanmar dove Eni Foundation lavora, insieme a governo, università e comunità locali per permettere l'accesso all'acqua potabile. Scopri di più su Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube ————— Vuoi saperne di più sulle attività di Eni e sul mondo oil&gas? Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Flickr: Google+:

Eni's health initiatives

445,207 for employees, 56,677 for family members and 85,089 for contractors and others. Finally, the number of people involved in health promotion initiatives was 23,037, of which 13,585 employees, 2,917 family [...] Assessments carried out 32 17 8 Employees included in health monitoring programs 28 ...

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Eni in Myanmar

entry into Myanmar was sanctioned via agreements (Petroleum Sharing Contracts) for oil and gas exploitation. A total of four onshore and offshore blocks will involve us in exploration work for the next [...] Focus On Eni in Myanmar The country is involved in a process of promoting transparency in the Oil ...

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Eni in Myanmar: local content development

context of cooperation with the authorities of Myanmar and MOGE, Eni Myanmar has set up training programmes aimed to transfer technological know-how at local staff. Eni has sponsored three Masters in Integrated [...] Contacts Eni in Myanmar: local content development Eni promotes projects in the field of Sustainability in the country ...

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Eni’s activities in Myanmar

activities in Myanmar Eni's activities in Myanmar Overview In detail: the main activities in the onshore and offshore E&P sector conducted by Eni in Myanmar Eni offices and contacts in Myanmar IEE, ESHIA, [...] ESHIA RSF-5 zip 31 MB DIHR Eni Myanmar Human Rights Report pdf 987 KB Read ...

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Eni in Myanmar

Contacts Eni's presence in Myanmar Eni has been active in Myanmar since 2014 with the award of onshore and offshore exploration licences, thus strengthening its presence in the Asian Far East. Eni was [...] major player in the energy sector. Eni enters Myanmar: Production Sharing Contracts signed for the exploration ...

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Eni in Myanmar: Stakeholder Engagement

Eni in Myanmar: Stakeholder Engagement Eni Myanmar adopted a systematic approach for the efficient management of the stakeholder engagement process. Dialogue with stakeholders Eni promotes the sharing [...] This process has also been tailored to fit the reality of the project areas. In this regard, Eni Myanmar undertook pre-emptive actions through ...

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Eni onshore and offshore licences in Myanmar

Contacts Eni onshore and offshore licences in Myanmar Eni's activities in Myanmar relate to two onshore (RSF-5 and PSC-K) and two offshore (MD-02 and MD-04) exploration blocks. Onshore activities Following [...] RSF-5 and PSC-K. The joint venture is made up by Eni (operator with 90%) through Eni Myanmar, and the ...

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Farm Recovery Project

Contacts Food safety in Myanmar: the Farm Recovery Project Eni Myanmar and the NGO AVSI Foundation Myanmar have launched an aid programme for the people of Magway. The project's aim is to improve the nutrition, [...] natural disaster zones. Eni Myanmar intended to support flood response for people affected in ...

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Human Rights Impact Assessment

societies, territories and consequently of the companies that work in them. In 2015, the first step for a human rights impact assessment related to the Myanmar activities was designed and launched for the exploration [...] exploration phase of the onshore block RSF-5 . To this end Eni Myanmar benefited from the support ...

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Payment transparency: implementing the EITI in countries of operation

highlighted the importance of these aspects in the new edition of the EITI Standard (2016). EITI-UK Myanmar Myanmar became an "EITI candidate" in 2014. The MSG is composed as follows: Institutional sector: DG, [...] Office Private sector: O & G Sector: Petronas (OCML), Gold Petrol Total E&P Myanmar Mining Sector: CNMC ...

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