The number of Eni employees in Mexico in 2016 was 28

Our people and employees

Eni’s employees are essential to achieve all the company’s goals. Their dedication and professionality are the boost of the competitiveness and sustainability of Eni business.

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Mexico: the power of exploration

between Eni and Mexico dates back to 1967, when the company carried out initial oil and gas exploration work in the Gulf of Mexico - one of the largest gulfs in the world, where the Atlantic Ocean penetrates [...] Mexico: the power of exploration An excellent discovery among natural treasures. Mexico: the ...

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Eni's health initiatives

445,207 for employees, 56,677 for family members and 85,089 for contractors and others. Finally, the number of people involved in health promotion initiatives was 23,037, of which 13,585 employees, 2,917 family [...] Assessments carried out 32 17 8 Employees included in health monitoring programs 28 ...

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Eni's activities in Mexico

activities in Mexico Eni's activities in Mexico Overview In detail: the main activities related to the E&P sector launched following an international tender Eni offices and contacts in Mexico Exploration [...] has been present in Mexico since 2006 with a representative office and the creation of its wholly owned ...

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Eni: the history of a great company

Donato Milanese residential complexes for employees were constructed. Within a few years Eni could count on a strong organisational structure, with 56,000 employees, highly-qualified and experienced technicians, [...] put people at the centre of our activities: for them we began to produce energy and have continued to work with them ...

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Green Economy

Guayule: from Mexico to Sicily Versalis is expanding its green chemistry portfolio with an innovative natural rubber. Guayule: from Mexico to Sicily Versalis is expanding its green chemistry portfolio [...] they play in the road and air transport sector. Rubber is everywhere, allowing us to move around, work and enjoy ourselves ...

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Eni partner: "Cubisti Cubismo"at Complesso del Vittoriano

at Complesso del Vittoriano ni is a partner for a major exhibition entitled Cubisti Cubismo on the work of Picasso, Braque, Léger and the international language of Cubism, from 8 March to 23 June 2013 , [...] won the enthusiasm of artists in Spain, Holland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Mexico, Italy ...

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Eni’s activities in the United States

States are regulated by concessions. Gulf of Mexico Eni holds interests in 84 exploration and production blocks in the shallow and deep offshore of the Gulf of Mexico, of which 44 are operated by Eni. The main [...] United States Overview In detail: the main activities related to the E&P ...

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Archive Acquisitions and Disposals

majority shareholding in Distrigas 28 August Eni acquires 5 new exploration licenses in US Gulf of Mexico 08 August Mandatory offer by Eni UK Holding plc ("Eni Holding") for 20% of Hindustan Oil Exploration [...] presence in the French gas market 21 March Eni acquires 32 new exploration licenses in US ...

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Seismic data

Texas at Austin (USA). Why is Eni (along with its competitors) interested in gravitational flows? In many deep-sea sedimentary basins, the repetition of this phenomenon over the course of geological time [...] produces oil and gas from turbidite reservoirs beneath the Adriatic Sea and in West Africa, the Gulf of Mexico ...

1 January 2016 Section: Innovation

Stories of the earth born of the sea

because such sediments can contain huge reserves of hydrocarbons, for instance in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Brazilian offshore basins; secondly, because from their study geoscientists can unravel the history [...] and climate change . In addition to his studies on turbidites, Mutti's research has led to pioneering work ...

20 October 2016 Section: Innovation