The number of Eni employees in Iraq in 2017 was 449

Our people and employees

Eni’s employees are essential to achieve all the company’s goals. Their dedication and professionality are the boost of the competitiveness and sustainability of Eni business.

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Iraq

We carry out projects in the country to create value and promote sustainable development. Find out more about our sustainability projects in Iraq.

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With pencil in hand, children prepare for their future lives. Eni's partnership with local communities in Iraq is helping to secure children’s right to education.

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Eni's health initiatives

445,207 for employees, 56,677 for family members and 85,089 for contractors and others. Finally, the number of people involved in health promotion initiatives was 23,037, of which 13,585 employees, 2,917 family [...] Assessments carried out 32 17 8 Employees included in health monitoring programs 28 ...

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

A day dedicated to safety in Eni

best safety results. This year the safety celebration has been organised over two days , one for employees and one for our suppliers. 2017 Safety Day On 5 June the 6th Eni Safety Day was held in San Donato [...] safety improvement The winners in the latter category included an HSE & Well ...

12 May 2016 Section: Sustainability

Eni’s activities in Iraq

Eni's activities in Iraq Eni's activities in Iraq Overview In detail: the main activities in the E&P sector conducted by Eni in Iraq since 2009 a focus on the Zubair field, located close to the city [...] city of Bassora Eni offices and contacts in Iraq Exploration & Production ...

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

Exploration & Production: 2016 performance and capital expenditure

2014 2015 2016 Employees at year end (number) 12.777 12.821 12.494 TRIR (Total Recordable Injury Rate) (recordable injuries/worked hours) x 1,000,000 0,56 0,34 0,34 of which: employees 0,20 0,22 0,34 [...] 7,770 million ) directed mainly outside Italy, in ...

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mineral-water bottles Drinking mineral water and recycling the plastic bottle can change the lives of many people and help support a community. It's happening in a working-class district of Algiers. Discover [...] pencil in hand, children prepare for their future lives. Eni's partnership with local communities in Iraq is ...

26 January 2018 Section: Sustainability

Eni and Saipem are offended parties in the enquiry

served yesterday search warrants in relation to the offices of two employees with reference to alleged crimes committed by said employees with third parties and related to the award of tenders by companies [...] responsible for procurement at the Eni-controlled Eni Zubair SpA company, with relation to an Eni project in ...

22 June 2011 Section: enipedia

MED: dialogue as a strategy

equilibrium. It brings together political leaders from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Libya, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt and representatives of international organisations such as the United Nations and European [...] working to build a future where everyone can access energy resources efficiently and sustainably. Our work is based on passion and innovation ...

30 November 2017 Section: media

Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition – OMC 2013

Egypt, Libya), but also from Sub-Saharan Africa (Congo, Angola, Mozambique) and the Middle East (Qatar, Iraq). The inauguration, which took place on 20 March at 10.30 am with a plenary session on the theme of [...] Claudio De Vincenti , and by Eni, chief executive Paolo Scaroni , with the representatives of ...

20 March 2013 Section: enipedia

Payment transparency: implementing the EITI in countries of operation

- Nigeria Iraq Iraq achieved "EITI compliant" status in December 2012. In December 2015 it published an EITI report based on data from 2013. Eni provided information about payments. EITI-Iraq Indonesia [...] 2012. Eni has been a member of the Multi Stakeholder Group since 2008 and is actively engaged in its ...

2 February 2017 Section: enipedia

Production in 2016

in 2015 mainly in Angola, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Norway and Venezuela as well as increased production in Iraq were partly offset by planned facilities downtime, mainly in the United Kingdom, and the mature fields [...] production ramp-ups in particular in Angola, Kazakhstan and Norway as well as higher production in Iraq. Sale ...

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