The number of Eni employees in Italy in 2016 was 20,476

Our people and employees

Eni’s employees are essential to achieve all the company’s goals. Their dedication and professionality are the boost of the competitiveness and sustainability of Eni business.

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Number of employees by Country

one of the milestones of our work and the values we are inspired by. Here is a breakdown of Eni's presence in the world through the number of its employees. Number of employees by Country* Continent There [...] News Number of employees by Country Eni is an Italian company operating ...

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Eni's health initiatives

emergencies Eni and employee health: Myto and the Early Diagnosis Plan Eni and community health A summary of Eni's health activities in 2016 Healthcare and the management of emergencies During 2016 the levels [...] 13,585 employees, 2,917 family members and 6,535 contract workers and others. Summary of ...

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What it means to work at Eni

Home Being part of eni With 29,000 employees in 66 countries, working at Eni is a unique experience for each one of our colleagues. But our passion for delivering excellence, our ability to innovate and [...] industry. The passion and expertise that our people put into their work every day ...

12 May 2016

Being part of Eni

of the communities where we operate. Eni in a day Eni all over the world with the face of its people that changes with every parallel and time zone: at school, at work, near and far from home. Every day, [...] balanced generational change. People who become part of the Eni ...

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Documents from Eni’s Historical Archive

bookstore that tell the story of both Eni and Italy "Documents from the Historical Archive", three publications that cover the history of the oil business in Italy e-books: the company is also a portrait [...] of Mazzini Garibaldi Pissard" , 2008: the autobiographical work of a Sardinian mining technician, a driller who ...

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Eni’s management of whistleblowing events

received by Eni SpA and its subsidiaries, both in Italy and abroad. We guarantee the management, analysis and handling of whistleblowing episodes from wherever they come, i.e. from employees or third parties, [...] the management and analysis of whistleblowing events, also anonymous, received by Eni SpA and its subsidiaries, in ...

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2016 results

and integrated project in Italy, in which Eni is committed to build a new industrial program in synergy with the local stakeholders. School-work alternation projects : in 2016 Eni signed a memorandum of understanding [...] 2016 results Eni's results in 2016 in the company's annual profile. The 2016 results ...

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The culture of safety in the workplace

culture of safety. Since 2014, Eni has organised a "Safety Road Show" at industrial sites in Italy and abroad , a series of meetings between Eni's top management and employees and contractors, focused on [...] safety at work at heights and against impacts and crashes were run after the Road Safety ...

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Eni’s subsidiaries and affiliates

to facilitate time to market. With almost 1,000 employees, nowadays the company is one of leaders in Italy for pure engineering. EniServizi This is the Eni company that operates in the field of integrated [...] Eni's subsidiaries and affiliates Eni operates in the domestic and international market, as well ...

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Eni’s internal communication

of MyEni users on no. of employees in service (%) 77 73 75 a a) % on total employees in service as of December 2016. "Your Eni 2016" In 2016 a survey, called " Your Eni 2016 " was completed, which saw [...] communication plans dedicated to the business. In 2016 the most important internal ...

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