The number of Eni employees in Algeria in 2016 was 321

Our people and employees

Eni’s employees are essential to achieve all the company’s goals. Their dedication and professionality are the boost of the competitiveness and sustainability of Eni business.

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Sustainability: our journey in Africa

From the "Mattei formula" to today's "dual flag" strategy, we will take you on a journey through words and numbers, the story of our road to sustainability in Africa. Because even numbers have a soul. And behind those numbers, there are always stories and people. Or rather, stories about ...


Off to the beach!

A beach-cleaning campaign, raising awareness of our environment; a shared home with a delicate balance that needs looking after. The sea, which brings us wind, thoughts and memories, carries with it a lot of debris. Debris belonging to humans, who don't care, who don't look, who don't ...



At Sidi Fredji, a coastal town in the province of Algiers, fishermen, tourists and locals donned gloves to join in a beach-cleaning drive.

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#ThisisEni-Water bottle

Drinking mineral water and recycling the plastic bottle can change the lives of many people and help support a community. It's happening in a working-class district of Algiers.

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Exploration & Production: 2017 performance and capital expenditure

Performance Exploration & Production 2017 2016 2015 Employees at year end (number) 11,970 12,494 12,821 TRIR (Total Recordable Injury Rate) (total recordable injuries/worked hours) x 1,000,000 0.28 0.34 0.34 [...] (d) Hydrocarbon production from fields fully operated by Eni (Eni's interest 100 ...

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Eni: the history of a great company

Donato Milanese residential complexes for employees were constructed. Within a few years Eni could count on a strong organisational structure, with 56,000 employees, highly-qualified and experienced technicians, [...] Mattei's Eni, in collaboration with the country, was able to play a delicate and courageous diplomatic role in the dialogue between ...

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The assets of Eni’s Historical Archive

leading figures of the Eni Group and important personalities closely associated with Enrico Mattei, made in the 1980s by Eni's Historical Archive itself. A collection of testimony by Eni pioneers is currently [...] on activities conducted by Eni over the years in collaboration with companies and consortia such as Aipa ...

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Eni’s activities in Algeria

Eni's activities in Algeria Eni's activities in Algeria Overview In detail: the main activities related to the Upstreamsector conducted by Eni in Algeria since 1981. Current exploration activities [...] contacts Exploration & Production Eni Algeria Production B.V. Pins Maritimes Algeria Business Center 16211 Algeri Tel. (00213) 21 891200 Eni ...

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2017 results

profit more than doubled to 5.80 billion (up by 3.49 billion vs. 2016), adjusted net profit of 2.38 billion compared to the loss reported 2016. This recovery in profitability was underpinned by the implementation [...] of Eni's people Total recordable injury rate (TRIR) reported a decrease of ...

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2005 Field trip Algeria - Libia

pdf 524 KB Field Trip Algeria pdf 1 MB Field Trip LIbia pdf 2 MB E&P Focus on north Africa pdf 524 KB Field Trip Algeria pdf 1 MB Field Trip LIbia pdf 2 MB 2005 Field trip Algeria - Libia Overview [...] 2005 Field trip Algeria - Libia 2005 Field trip ...

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#ThisisEni-Water bottle

recycling in Algeria Water is a precious commodity not to be wasted - and it can even create jobs. How is that possible? In Algeria, combining environmental protection with business acumen, Eni has launched [...] availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all by 2030 . World Water Day Eni in ...

22 March 2018 Section: Sustainability

Business model for Eni stakeholders

through the reduction of carbon footprint. Value chain Eni engages in oil and natural gas exploration, field development and production, mainly in Italy, Algeria, Angola, Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Mozambique, [...] Business model Through the strategies contained in its business model, Eni aims to create long-term value for all stakeholders. Long-term ...

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describe projects in support of populations that, thanks to Eni, now enjoy a better life. Discover the story "Myanmar, an ongoing dialogue" Eni in Myanmar: immediate and transparent communication We are [...] ultrasound scan. Eni is committed to improving the welfare of local communities. In Mozambique, the lives of women and ...

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Production in 2016

production of Eni hydrocarbons in the Countries COUNTRIES WHERE ACTVITIES IN PRODUCTION ARE ON GOING 2016 Production net to Eni Country Production Liquids b Natural gas c Liquids b Natural gas d Algeria 77 115.5 [...] Billion cubic metres Production in 2016 Overview Production activities: 2016 key facts Sale growth ...

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Supply and sales of natural gas in 2016

sales 88.93 Supply and sales of natural gas in 2016 Overview Supply of natural gas: 2016 keyfacts Sales of natural gas: 2016 keyfacts Sales of LNG: 2016 keyfacts The table with data on sales of gas [...] purchases in Algeria (up by 6.85 bcm). Supplies in Italy (6 bcm ...

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environment of the local people is a priority Claudio Descalzi Our commitment to Algeria Eni has been working in Algeria since 1981, mainly in the Upstream and Mid-Downstream sectors. We are involved in [...] In Algeria, bewitched by sand and sand dunes Gloves on, everyone! We're cleaning the beaches. In ...

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A year of solid results for the Company

initiatives bringing together schools and businesses. During the 2016-17 academic year, 130 schools entered into work-experience agreements with Eni, while 180 young people were signed up for primary apprenticeships. [...] than 1.82 million boe/day, up 5.3 per cent on 2016. Record proceeds of 3.8 billion ...

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Our Africa

exploration prospect in offshore Congo. 2014 Eni discovers Zohr, a supergiant gas field in the Egyptian offshore, the largest ever found in the Mediterranean Sea. 2015 Eni announces the approval of the Plan of [...] relates to the first phase of development of 5 trillion cubic feet of gas in the ...

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OPEC agreement: “Soon demand for oil will exceed supply” – Claudio Descalzi

decision that saw the crude oil price rise by 8 per cent to $50 a barrel, in line with that agreed in Algeria in September. The market reacted almost instantaneously; the Brent oil price, increased by almost [...] prices. For the first time in eight years, it seems countries are putting ...

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Eni’s activities in The Netherlands

lubricants market through the subsidiary Eni Benelux BV Eni offices and contacts in the Netherlands Gas & LNG Marketing and Power The Netherlands has long-term contracts with Eni and is one of its largest suppliers [...] year. Refining & Marketing In the Benelux countries, Eni is present on the lubricant market through the ...

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Eni’s proved and undeveloped reserves

proved undeveloped reserves were as follows: (mmboe) Proved undeveloped reserves as of December 31, 2016 3,215 Reclassification to proved developed reserves (489) Reclassification of the Perla Phase 2 [...] divestments (down by 523 mmboe) related to Mozambique and Egypt disposals, as mentioned above. During 2017, Eni converted 489 mmboe of ...

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2005 Financial results and presentations

November 9, 2005 2005 Eni Third Quarter Results Podcast Rome, 21 September 2005 2005 Interim Review Milan, 29 July 2005 2005 Eni Second Quarter Results Podcast Milan, May 11, 2005 Eni 2005 First Quarter Results [...] Quarter Results Podcast Presentations September, 22-23, 2005 2005 Field trip Algeria - Libia London - June, 23 ...

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and abroad During 2017, Eni acted on its commitment to renewables by opening its first specialist plants in Italy and Algeria and developing further initiatives. In December 2017 , Eni and the Algerian state- [...] promote new projects to produce energy with low CO 2 emissions. Experience, synergies and projects At Eni ...

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Eni’s activities in Tunisia

Baraka offshore blocks (Eni's interest 49%) and the Adam (Eni operator with a 25% interest), Oued Zar (Eni operator with a 50% interest), Djebel Grouz (Eni operator with a 50% interest), MLD (Eni's interest 50%) [...] involvement, in the R&M sector, in the Tunisian market for bitumen and ...

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