Electrical energy is obtained by transforming "primary" forms of energy into mechanical energy, using machines such as steam and gas turbines, and combustion engines, etc. The mechanical energy produced is subsequently transformed into electricity through combining such machines with electricity generators. Power is measured in Watts (W), while energy is measured in Watthours (Wh) which corresponds to the energy produced in an hour by a machine with a single Watt power.The domestic consumption of electricity is measured in kiloWatthours (kWh) while for medium and large-size businesses, it is measured in MegaWatthours (MWh) and GigaWatthours (GWh). The use of electricity is a characteristic feature of all sectors of activity in our society.  Electricity consumption continues to grow, as does the range of use.

Electricity production and selling

News Electricity production In 2016, Eni produced 21.78 terawatt hours of electricity (up by 1.09 TWh compared with 2015) and sold 6.2 per cent more than in 2015. Eni's power generation sites are located [...] power generation was 21.78 TWh, up by 1.09 TWh or ...

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Eni’s sustainability project in Congo

now provide about 60% of the domestic electricity production; at present, the potential of the CEC only would be able to meet the country's daily average electricity consumption. The entire Integrated Project [...] schools with the highest number of students will be equipped with a canteen. Some of the results ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Ghana

which is currently used in the plants for electricity and which will in the future supply the new electricity power stations, increasing the country's electricity generating capacity while safeguarding the [...] thousand barrels of oil per day. The integrated oil and gas OCTP project will enable the country to obtain ...

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Eni’s activities in the Gas & Power segment

industries and homes. The cities of electricity Ferrera Erbognone, Ravenna, Mantova, Brindisi, Ferrara and Bolgiano are the places around Italy where we produce electricity. In 2016 we generated 21.78 terawatt [...] wholesale and residential customers. Providing gas and electricity to the world We are active globally in the trading of ...

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Renewable Energy

solar concentrators. The former make it possible to obtain film for solar power generation using normal printing methods; the latter to generate electricity by coloured and transparent glazing inserted into [...] into buildings. With regard to biomass, we are developing processes to obtain high quality biofuels from organic waste and biomass ...

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The marketing activities and markets for gas sales

activities Eni is active in 30 countries worldwide in the trading of oil, natural gas, LNG and electricity. Gas and electricity trading Eni is highly competitive in the wholesale marketing of natural gas. In Italian [...] and Europe, but also North America. Another important area in which Eni operates is the ...

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Mobile app

institutional content also on your smartphone or tablet. View on Google Play Eni gas and electricity Eni's gas and electricity app allows you to manage your energy needs quickly and easily. You can check your [...] institutional content also on your smartphone or tablet. View on iTunes Eni gas and ...

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Eni participates in the UN Private Sector Forum

commitment are the power plants built by the company in Nigeria and Congo; the electricity produced for the local population is obtained using the gas associated with oil production, delivering further significant

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Eni Trading & Shipping (ETS)

all of its gas, electricity and environmental-certificate trading activities. ETS therefore took on responsibility for every aspect of Eni's commodity trading . By combining gas, electricity and environmental [...] oil, petroleum products and semi-finished products are purchased on the international market and obtained from Eni's own production. They are either ...

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Capital expenditures by division

development of hydrocarbon fields, the refining area and the upgrade of combined cycle power plants for electricity generation. Effective January 1, 2016, management elected to change the criterion to recognize

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