20F annual report is available as pdf format in the "Publications" area. You may obtain the 20F annual report by sending an e-mail from the "Contact" area, selecting the section "Hard copies of the documents" specifying the name of the document required and the address where it should be sent. You may obtain the 20F annual report in the NYSE web site.

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FAQs Financial information

by clicking on "Order.". PDF versions can be found in the "Publications" area. How can I get a copy of the materials filed under the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)? 20F annual report is available [...] the company's Annual Report and other documents? How can I get a copy of the ...

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Citibank N.A. - Milan Branch How do I purchase Eni ADRs? You can buy an ADR through a broker just as you would any U.S. security. Can I purchase ADRs directly from Eni? No. How do I convert my ordinary [...] broker, bank or nominee. Do I always get an ...

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Terms and Conditions

the content and/or material, also publicity material, distributed on such sites or external resources, including products and services offered on them. Such products and services can not be considered [...] Italian and U.S. Securities Laws. Eni S.p.A. recommends that any decisions on investments in securities of Eni ...

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FAQs Corporate governance and regulations for shareholders' meetings

where you can access Eni's Regulations Governing Shareholders' Meetings how to obtain a copy of the Regulations in pdf What is the Eni's shareholders' meeting regulation? Where can I get a copy of it? [...] Eni is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange ...

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Versalis and KBR enter agreement to license technology for styrenics market

controlled by the company. KBR's most recently filed Annual Report on Form 10-K/A, any subsequent Form 10-Qs and 8-Ks, and other Securities and Exchange Commission filings discuss some of the important risk [...] produce Styrene, the main raw material to produce Styrenic Polymers, and for production of high performance ...

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FAQs Shareholder's Meeting

the notice is published 15 days prior to the date of the Shareholders' Meeting. Is it possible to get more information on the different callings of the Shareholders' Meeting? The Shareholders' Meeting [...] Borsa Italiana S.p.A., at the centralized storage device authorized by Consob called "1Info" - which can be ...

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FAQs Eni on the stock exchange and dividends

Italian Stock Exchange is ENI. Depending on the financial news agencies (Reuters, Bloomberg) the suffix of the abbreviation may vary, as follows: Italian Stock Exchange: Italian Stock Exchange Agency Eni [...] markets.page. In this area, you can also find detailed information on Eni Companies. Read also FAQs ADR The Eni ...

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ADRs on the NYSE

Receipt) is a negotiable security on the US market representing securities issued by a non-US company, usually equity shares. Eni ADRs are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol "E" [...] cost of commission for the negotiation of ADRs. There was an error - check the logs for ...

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#ThisisEni-Watering can

A watering can to tend to the land. Cultivating the future A watering can to tend to the land. We had lessons to begin with and took notes on how to cultivate a plot of land, plant cabbages and sow aubergines, [...] which she keeps safe like a precious treasure. When ...

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investigation had been closed and filed the relevant documentation. Eni has provided the US legal counsel appointed to perform the independent verification of the OPL 245 transaction with a copy of all the documents [...] documents submitted as part of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Milan's investigation file. In ...

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