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The history of Zohr

Largest gas field in the Mediterranean.

The story of Zohr dates back to 2012, when the field's 15 exploration areas came up for tender. Until then, drilling Mediterranean offshore wells had not produced positive results and Eni quickly had to decide whether or not to join the race. Monitoring showed that block 9 concealed a reservoir rock, which was enough for us to decide to go ahead. In August 2015, Zohr turned out to be a sensational discovery.

On 13 February 2017 Eni and BP complete the sale of 10% of Shorouk, offshore Egypt. Eni's CEO has been received by Egyptian President el-Sisi. During the meeting Claudio Descalzi confirmed that the start-up of Zohr is expected just two years after the discovery.

To deliver the gas from Zohr to Egypt, a small city is emerging on the Mediterranean. Eni chief executive, Claudio Descalzi visits the facilities in Port Said which, by the end of the year, will receive gas from Zohr.

Eni in Egypt: our areas of intervention

We have been operating in the Country since 1954. Eni’s share of hydrocarbon production in 2015 totalled 189,000 be/day, which is around 11% of the annual total. Click on infographic you can see more information on development, production and exploration activities.

Since 2008, with Claudio Descalzi heading the E&P division, Eni has believed in the exploration of renewable oil and gas reserves. Between then and 2015 we have discovered 12 billion barrels of oil equivalent while managing to keep production costs low.




Exploration according to Eni

We rank first in the world for oil exploration. Advanced technologies have allowed us to identify deposits such as coral and Zohr built Goliat – the largest floating extraction platform in the world – and developed Clean Sea, a robot for monitoring underwater ecosystems.

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