Nooros: a record-breaking field

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Following on from Zohr, Eni has enjoyed another great success in its exploration in Egypt. Nooros has reached a gas production rate of 20 million m³ per day in just 13 months, an extraordinary record achieved earlier than expected thanks to the skill of the team involved. Yet another triumph for Eni.

The field is located in Egypt, offshore the Nile Delta. The gas produced by the seven wells currently operational is sent to Abu Madi to be treated and then added to the national grid. The reservoir was discovered in July 2015 and production started in September of the same year.

Eni in the world

Eni in the world

Eni’s presence in Egypt

Egypt was the first country Enrico Mattei visited and, in 1954, with President Nasser, he signed an agreement to found the Italo-Egyptian company Cope. For the first time a new formula giving the oil-producing country a direct stake in the exploration process was applied – which went down in history as the Mattei Formula. Today our exploration work in Egypt is divided between the Gulf of Suez (oil) and the Nile Delta (gas).

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How did we manage it?


How did we manage it?

The secret behind the extremely high production levels, achieved earlier than expected, lies at the bottom of the latest perforated wells in the area (Nidoco N1 and NW2). By perforating the new development wells we expect to reach a production level of 160,000 BOE per day by spring 2017.

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