Jangkrik in Indonesia


Jangkrik in Indonesia

New record for Eni as evidence of integrated development.

Crickets are insects able to move fast by jumping very high. In the Indonesian language a cricket is called a jangkrik and the project was given this name in the hope that it would run quickly and with high reserves. Expectations have been met: after the first discovery, which came about in 2009, milestones were rapidly passed. Today, to all intents and purposes, Jangkrik falls within Eni’s series of seven record-breaking projects. On March 21 the naming ceremony of the “Jangkrik” Floating Production Unit (FPU) vessel was held at Saipem Karimun Yard, Tanjung Balai Karimun, Indonesia. The FPU shall operate in the Muara Bakau PSC located in the Kutei Basin, in the Makassar Strait offshore for the “Jangkrik Complex Fields”. The first gas is forecasted for June, with gross production of 80,000 boe per day.


  • Eni’s first production asset in Indonesia

    Eni’s first production asset in Indonesia

    The Jangkrik project represents the integrated development of two gas deposits: Jangkrik and Jangkrik North-East, together known as the Jangkrik Complex. It lies within the Muara Bakau Block, in the offshore field in the deep waters of the Kutei Basin, at around 400m deep and 70km from the coast of the East Kalimantan region of Indonesia. The project operator is Eni Muara Bakau BV.


  • Time to market: just over three years

    Time to market: just over three years

    Production in the two Jangkrik Complex gas fields will begin in mid-2017 with a time to market of just three-and-a-half years from the financial decision to invest. Thanks to the near-field exploration strategy, the FPU will be operational as a hub not only in the Jangkrik Complex but also for a new discovery called Merakes made in the adjacent East Sepinggan Block.


The story of a project #EniRecord

In these two time-lapse videos we follow the journey taken by the FPU from its construction to its arrival in Indonesia, where it played a key role in one of Eni’s record-breaking projects. All seven of these had characteristics in common: rapid development and start-up times and the use of high-tech equipment – vital for managing uncertainty.

Discover #EniRecord

The Jangkrik gas volumes will supply the local domestic market, the Indonesian LNG market as well as the LNG export market providing a significant contribution to the Country’s energy needs and economic development.

  • Acquisition of the block

    Eni acquires the Muara Bakau Block as operator.

  • First well discovered

    The first well – Jangkrik-1 – is discovered.

  • Development plan

    The Jangkrik North-East field is discovered and the plan to develop it is agreed.

  • FID agreed

    Financial investment decision agreed.

  • Execution phase

    The sites open, 10 wells are drilled and submarine pipes installed.

  • Journey of the FPU

    The FPU leaves Ulsan (Korea) bound for Karimun (Indonesia).

  • First gas

    In March the FPU moves from Karimun to Jangkrik; the first gas is expected in June.