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Journey across two oceans

FPSO Armada Olombendo: from Singapore to Angola in pursuit of excellence.

We have been working in Angola since 1980, using our wealth of skills and experience on technologically complex deepwater projects. Block 15/06 is one of our most important assets and is divided into two projects: West Hub and East Hub, the two production centres.

The floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) unit Armada Olombendo was launched on 14 October 2016 and will travel from Singapore to Block 15/06 offshore of Angola, where it will form part of the East Hub Development Project. The development features water-alternating-gas injection wells, with the first results expected in early 2017. East Hub has nine subsea wells at a depth of 450-550m, of which five are producers and four are water injectors.

The East Hub project, part of Block 15/06, involves the development of the Cabaça oil field. The wells reach depths of up to 2,700m below sea level.

The West Hub project, which has been producing oil since late 2014, was Eni’s first work in the country. The development project involves connecting FPSO N’Goma to the various oil deposits, one at a time. It covers five oilfields with a total of 30 wells, of which 17 are producers and 13 are injectors. Twenty-three wells are currently connected, while the wells in the last two oilfields, Ochigufu and Vandumbu, will be connected in 2018 and 2019. The development makes use of water-alternating-gas injection wells.

Eni in Angola

Eni in Angola

A story of success and development

Having gained independence from Portugal in 1975, Angola gave permission for foreign oil companies to start searching for hydrocarbon deposits in 1980. Since then we have been actively involved in the country in the fields of both conventional and deepwater offshore drilling, as well as organising activities and projects that aim to help the local region to develop and create sustainable value.


East Hub

To reinforce our strategic partnership we will work together with Sonangol to share expertise and skills and increase access to energy, thus supporting the development of the local area.

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East Hub in Numbers