Congo: in search of Nené Marine

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Congo: in search of Nené Marine

The Marine XII block has yielded 3.5bn boe.

On 29 December 2014, production began at the Nené Marine field, just eight months after receiving the permit. It is located in the Marine XII block, less than 20km from the coast, at a depth of 28m. The project was completed extremely quickly; it took only a year, even less than initially predicted. Here’s the story that led to reaching yet another milestone in Africa.


The start-up of the Nené Marine field, achieved just eight months after obtaining the production permit, is a great result for Eni and reaffirms our strategy of rapidly exploiting exploration resources thanks to the company’s technical and planning capabilities, and combining exploration, operational and development efficiency.

Claudio Descalzi

Production and Development

Oil produced during the first phase – 7,500 boe/day – is being sent to the Zatchi production platform via a 17km subsea pipeline. Full development of Nené Marine will take place in stages, involving the installation of production platforms and the drilling of more than 30 wells, with output expected to plateau at over 140,000 boe/day. The Minsala and Nkala oilfields are also due to be developed soon.


  • Africa takes centre stage again

    Africa takes centre stage again

    Following the launch of the West Hub Project in Angola and the results of testing on the Minsala Marine I well, Eni once again struck gold in Africa. Over the past four years, we have discovered approximately 3.5bn barrels of oil equivalent (boe) in the Marine XII block, 1.5bn of which is in the Nené Marine field. Eni operates here through Eni Congo, which owns a 65 per cent share.

We completed the feasibility study and finalised our strategy in early 2014… then reached our first oil less than a year later. Let's look back at the milestones on the road to the first production in the Nené field on 29 December 2014.

Success at the offshore Nené Marine oilfield: among other activities, a new platform and new production lines have been launched.

We have been working in Congo since 1968 and since then we have grown with the country in full “dual flag” spirit. We promote the Hinda Integrated Project, which aims to improve the living conditions for communities in the area around the M’Boundi onshore field in the District of Hinda. It will reduce the percentage of the population living below the poverty line