Stories and People

Stories and People

A new development plan for Gela

Eni’s commitment continues.

An update on the initiatives foreseen in the Memorandum of Understanding, signed at Mise on 6 November 2014, confirms that activities continue in line with the commitments made.


  • 140



    of which 80% per cent is already operational

  • 20%

    20 %

    of staff completing the training course

  • 30k


    30 k

    of classroom training

  • 50k

    hours in the field

    50 k

    out of a total of 80,000

  • 800people

    trained in 2016

    800 people

    at the Safety Training Centre


Today’s agreement demonstrates that synergies and a constructive spirit among all stakeholders can lead to innovative and positive initiatives that can combine the needs of the business and those of the communities living in the area.



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The partnership

Agreement for third-party safety

In terms of safety, as always, we make no distinction between employees and contract workers. This is why Eni provides the tools, from a safety-metre to a safety portal for third-party companies, and from communication initiatives to supplementary training activities, as well as lessons learned in the field to be verified jointly, and demands full integration and cooperation between the company and contractor companies.

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The programme foresees the launch of new hydrocarbon exploration and production activities in the Region of Sicily and the offshore area, with a special focus on the exploitation of gas resources, and the enhancement of the potential of existing fields, both offshore and onshore.

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Marine environmental protection and new materials for energy are the subjects of the two Eni Award Lectures that took place at the Universities of Catania and Palermo.