Cultural diversity: to be treasured


Cultural diversity: to be treasured

Diversity offers brand-new ideas and perspectives that enrich our life.

This day is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits that come from cultural diversity. It’s a commitment on the part of the international community towards mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue, a commitment that takes on greater importance in an age when extremist movements direct their violence towards cultural minorities, destroying our shared heritage. The United Nations 2030 Agenda for sustainable development considers culture a means of change and development. We need to make use of each culture’s strength and creative potential, maintaining a continuous dialogue to ensure that everyone enjoys the benefits of development.



  • NAOC and Bayelsa Farmers’ Day

    NAOC and Bayelsa Farmers’ Day

    The Green River Project began in 1987 and supports agricultural developments in the four states where NAOC, an Eni subsidiary, operates: Imo, Delta, Rivers and Bayelsa. Eni has forged strong links with local stakeholders through this project as well as training and celebrating local young people.

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  • Eni in Iraq: T-walls that unite

    Eni in Iraq: T-walls that unite

    Eni Iraq is lead manager of the Zubair Oilfield in Az Zubayr, the oldest city in the Basra Governorate. The city celebrated cultural diversity with the simple yet highly meaningful and symbolic works of children from 9 nearby schools.

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We are an energy company. We are working to build a future in which everyone has access to efficient and sustainable energy resources. We base our work on passion and innovation, on the strength and development of our skills, and on the value of people, recognising diversity as a resource. We believe in long-term partnerships with our host countries and communities.

Eni’s Mission

Eni promotes the creation of an inclusive work environment which places value on diversity of every kind: cultural, ethnic, gender, age, sexual orientation and different abilities.

The values of the coast’s indigenous people

The staff of the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and Teresa Lui Yuen, Eni Environmental Advisor, have conducted a participatory habitat mapping workshop together, with traditional owners and indigenous rangers from the Thamarrurr region in Wadeye. AIMS presented the results of the mapping to the eight rangers in attendance. During the presentation, the rangers selected the areas where they could provide further details to help improve the accuracy of the maps.

Working in a foreign country isn’t just about doing your job well. When you shut down your computer and the office door behind you, then there’s a different challenge: day-to-day life.

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