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The six-legged dog first left its pawprints in the Egyptian desert in 1954. Today, Africa makes up more than half of Eni’s total crude oil and natural gas production, confirming Eni as the leading international producer in the continent. In recent years we have made several major discoveries in Egypt, the Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Angola and Ghana, and we continue to work on  large development projects.

With such a big and urgent challenge, we must act together, seeking out common goals and values. For this reason, we believe it is essential and would garner better results if the development initiatives were implemented with more involvement on the part of key players: governments, society, international bodies and private-sector companies, including investment funds.


Eni and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) signed today a Joint Declaration, setting up a new, pioneering public-private cooperation model aimed at helping reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The cooperation aims to contribute reaching the SDGs targets through a strategic cooperation focused on areas of common interest such as youth employment, agriculture value chains and renewable energy and energy efficiency, particularly in Africa.

Eni and UNDP

The start of an exciting new partnership, Eni has signed an agreement with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to promote renewables energies, energy efficiency and clean cooking initiatives. Together we will work to improve access to sustainable energy in Africa and so help achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This agreement represents something new in the energy sector and is proof of the efforts Eni has made in it. The document sets out an unprecedented model of cooperation between international organisations and businesses in the energy sector. It represents an ever more concrete commitment to development in Africa.

We want to develop Africa’s resources for the benefit of the continent and have invested in domestic capital to promote local development from the very start. The key to this is access to energy, which leads to development and stability, allowing Africa to fully harness its growth potential.

On this timeline, you can trace the points when the histories of Eni and Africa have intertwined. These events and discoveries are the milestones in a friendship that goes back to the 1950s.


    Eni begins exploration activities abroad, starting with Somalia.


    Meeting between Mattei and Nasser regarding the involvement of Agip Mineraria in oil exploration in Egypt.


    Somip, Società Marocchino-Italiana dei Petroli, is established to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in Morocco.


    First delivery of crude oil from the El Borma field in Tunisia arrives in Genoa.


    A contract of association was signed between ERAP (Entreprise de recherches et d’activités pétrolières) and Agip for oil exploration in Congo.


    Discovery of large field offshore Bouri, Libya.


    The Transmed gas pipeline becomes operational 2,200 kilometers long, it transports natural gas from Algeria to Italy, crossing Tunisia and the Strait of Sicily.


    Two agreements are signed in Egypt for the development of a gas field in the El Qaria area and for exploration in the Ras Qattara area.


    Three new oil exploration agreements are signed with the Egyptian government for areas of the Nile Delta and along the border with Libya.


    The Greenstream undersea gas pipeline, which connects Mellitah, in Libya, with Gela, in Sicily, begins operation.


    Eni and Sonangol announce the success of deep-water exploration activities in offshore Angol.


    A MoU is signed with PetroSA, the Republic of South Africa’s state-owned oil company. Significant offshore discovery made at the Gye Nyame 1 well in Ghana.


    A new “giant” discovery of natural gas is made in the east of Area 4, in offshore Mozambique.


    An important new discovery is made at the Agulha exploration prospect in area 4, in offshore Mozambique.


    July: a potential 500 million boe in gas and condensates discovered in the Nyonie Deep 1 well in the waters off the coast of Gabon. October: a significant oil discovery is made at the Minsala Marine exploration prospect in offshore Congo.


    Eni discovers Zohr, a supergiant gas field in the Egyptian offshore, the largest ever found in the Mediterranean Sea.


    Eni announces the approval of the Plan of Development for the Coral discovery, in Area 4 offshore Mozambique. The approval relates to the first phase of development of 5 trillion cubic feet of gas in the discovery.


    A new record for ENI: in just two-and-a-half years, three months ahead of schedule as defined in our development plan, the Integrated Oil & Gas Development Project, in the OCTP block off the coast of Ghana, has entered production.


    We signed an agreement with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). One of its most important objectives was to work together to improve access to sustainable energy in Africa.

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The “dual flag” relationship model

Eni's presence in developing countries provides them with opportunities, involving people and local businesses in the company's industrial operations. Passing on skills and unleashing potential are part of this process. The method has its roots in what is known to history as the Mattei formula: making producing countries independent in terms of energy and opting for dialogue and respect for their cultures.

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  • 46,7€ m

    spent in Africa in 2018

    46,7 € m

    for professional training and school infrastructure

  • 155kboe/d

    production from the Block 15/06 in Angola

    155 kboe/d

    West Hub and East Hub in 2018

  • 2,890 bcf

    production of natural gas in 2018

    2,890  bcf

    in North Africa

  • 3,374people

    working in Africa in 2018

    3,374 people

    10.9% of total employees

“Clean Beach”: sustainability in the Republic of the Congo


“Clean Beach”: sustainability in the Republic of the Congo

Four hundred Eni Congo employees and employees' relatives cleaned the beach in Pointe-Noire, on the country's coast. They collected 1,200 kg of waste along 3 km of beach, as part of a scheme mirrored in Pakistan and Ghana.

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We want to provide energy where it's needed, distribute it better, offer opportunities for development, and invest in education, professional training, health and access to water, with special projects and services that benefit society.

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