Education is development

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Education is development

Eni’s literacy projects around the world.

On 8 September we will celebrate International Literacy Day, which this year will concentrate on “literacy and multilingualism”. The 25th anniversary of the Global Conference on Inclusive Education will be celebrated at the same time. It was first held by UNESCO in Salamanca in June 1994. Both are important occasions to reflect on the relationship between education, integration and development. To educate, at its Latin root educere, means to draw out, to introduce to the truth, to lead through life. It means searching for what is beautiful, good and true, with a view to solidarity, collaboration, justice and hard work within communities and countries. In collaboration with communities and local authorities, Eni is involved in a range of projects to promote and improve access to schools, from primary and secondary education courses to professional training and refresher programmes for pupils and teachers. There is also capacity building for staff and local institutions, as well as construction and renovation of school buildings and canteens

Literacy to be not just the process of learning the skills of reading, writing and arithmetic, but a contribution to the liberation of man and to his full development.

Declaration of Persepolis, 3-8 September 1975


Education for all

The ALPHA HINDA initiative promotes open and inclusive education, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Eni Congo wants to achieve literacy in children and adults by 2030 through this activity, involving communities in initiatives which are also dedicated to the self-financing of schools.

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The importance of learning

Eni has been developing a series of social projects in Angola since 2016: dedicated to health, work and education. The objective is to increase the habit of reading in young people, as well as enabling access to water, energy and school buildings in struggling provinces.

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Eni and Teach: together for Ghana

We want to create educational opportunities and improve the country's teaching standards. As such, we have defined a series of activities and programmes that will help us to achieve this goal, with the support of Teach For Ghana: training new people who are capable of making children feel passionate about learning.

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Education changes lives. It is a driver to end poverty and a force for peace

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations


An innovative approach to education

Launched in 2016, Eni’s ‘Aprendemos Brincando’ (‘Learn by Playing’) initiative has so far involved more than 1,500 pupils from the city of Pemba. Results include increased levels of literacy and also a reduction in the number of children leaving school prematurely. Students have been given the opportunity to learn about social and environmental issues thanks to the initiative’s pioneering and inclusive teaching approach.

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  • 1,366



    and 24 teachers are taking advantage of the project in Ghana

  • 80

    hours of training


    between 2016 and 2018

  • 98

    participants in reading and writing lessons


    in the centres already running in Kondi-Mbaka and Tchikoulou in the Republic of the Congo

  • 8,500

    school books


    delivered to 25 state schools in the province of Luanda in Angola

Man cannot live without hope, and education is a generator of hope.

Pope Francis, Plenary Assembly for the Congregation for Catholic Education, February 2017

UNESCO has celebrated the international day of literacy since 1965: a way to remind the global community of the importance of study and knowledge as forms of growth and for the possibility of resolving major problems such as poverty, child mortality and the violation of human rights.