Claudio Descalzi, CEO, provided an update to the international financial community on the evolution, results and perspectives of the Group’s transformation strategy, launched in 2014. "In less than three years we achieved the highest organic growth in the industry with a 15% increase in production, over 250,000 barrels per day, and are close to reaching Eni’s record production levels, despite a 33% reduction in Capex and 23% in Opex”.

We remain focused on executing our value creation strategy, which is based on our strength in exploration and the start-up of our major upcoming projects. This is further enhanced by our development models and dual exploration strategy which provides us with the opportunity to optimize and anticipate our value creation.

Claudio Descalzi, CEO

This timeline outlines the main financial events that took place in the year that is coming to an end, with comments from Claudio Descalzi, Eni’s chief executive. The oil and gas industry has endured a tough time in 2016.
Eni’s model has proven to be successful: the perfect solution at a moment of transition.


    The Strategy Presentation 2015-2018, given in London, underscores the significant headway already achieved on the road to Eni’s transformation. It “will give rise to a much more stable company, which can tackle falling oil prices in a sustainable way while continuing to create value.”

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    One year on, we are back in London. Long-term growth, transformation and evolution are key elements of the 2016-2019 Strategic Plan, presented at a challenging time for the oil and gas industry.

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    “What we can do today is create a more diverse range of sources and consider more sustainable mixes of energy.” At the Shareholders' Meeting Claudio Descalzi launches a plan involving renewables, confirming Eni’s commitment to combating climate change.

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    Paris. Eni’s model is described to investors as Eni’s response to a double challenge: the growing demand of energy and the fight against climate change. During the event, the chief executive presents the company’s new mission.

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    When the OGCI announces a billion-dollar investment programme to finance projects, initiatives and technological solutions to reduce emissions, Eni is first in line.

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    The Investor Day in New York reaffirmed the value of Eni’s integrated and sustainable model. Investments are ongoing and the transition continues.

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Our model is underpinned by investment, growth and innovation, bringing together exploration, development, technology and experience.

- Eni’s response to the dual challenge facing the energy sector

- Our new mission

Case histories

We continue to evolve thanks in part to projects such as Zohr, the largest gas field in the Mediterranean Sea. Our success is driven by innovation, passion and expertise.

- The history of Zohr: largest gas field in the Mediterranean

New Projects

We’ve made a home all around the world: Nooros in Egypt, Marine XII in the Republic of the Congo, Goliat in Norway and Kashagan in Kazakhstan are just a few of Eni’s new projects. Come and discover them all!

- Nooros: a record-breaking field

- Goliat: production start-up

Transformation and restructuring strategy and business results.