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Our strategy in Italy

Investor Day, Milan 18 April 2018

Eni CEO, Claudio Descalzi, presented the 2018-21 company strategic plan to the Italian business community. On this occasion Mr Descalzi gave updates on results obtained in the fields of safety, green assets in Italy and the steps taken in research and development.

We operate in tens of countries around the world and in every country we integrate our skills and passion with those of the local populations that host us with extraordinary results. But our roots are here in Italy and it is here that we see the potential for investing more. In fact, Italy is the country in which we are planning to invest the most: €7 billion over the next 4 years, of which €1 billion has been earmarked for green activities, including research and development expenditure for the decarbonization process.

Claudio Descalzi

Eni believes people’s safety to be a priority, and is taking every possible action to completely eliminate accidents. These include: training, expertise development and promoting a culture of safety.
In 2017, we underscored our commitment to safety at work, with a registered number of events per million work hours (total recordable injury rate) of 0.33: a 7 per cent improvement from 2016.

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We’re constantly striving to promote a culture of safety: it’s a company priority, but also a value shared by all our people.

We are creating plants around innovative technologies designed to make the most of large renewable sources of energy in order to boost employment and give new life to forgotten industrial sites. Over the next four years, 2018-21, Project Italy will see the installation of more than 220 megawatts of new capacity, involving an investment of approximately €220 million. 

Our experience and our technologies serve the Italian nation: we add value to our country’s regions for long-term sustainability.

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Thanks to our research we have strengthened and enriched our know-how, obtaining new and important in-house expertise. We work with 50 different institutions – universities and research centres – of which more than half are in Italy, promoting a deep exchange of knowledge between Eni and the academic community. Between 2009 and 2017, we spent €1.7 billion on research and development, and built a portfolio of technologies across a range of areas, from Upstream to Downstream, from renewables to environmental security, to safety, for a total exceeding 6,000 patents. In the context of the new plan we will invest over €750 million.

To ensure long-term sustainability, we promote scientific and technological research. Decarbonization, one of the cornerstones of our plan, is based on research.


Strategy 2018-21

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    Increase in value

    Our strategic plan for the next four years is geared to reinforce Eni’s portfolio of activities. Business integration, underpinned by tight fiscal discipline and a solid commitment to digitalisation and decarbonization, will allow us to exploit growth opportunities and generate more value for our shareholders.

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    Respect for the environment

    The decarbonization strategy is fundamental to our strategic plan 2018-21, promising long-term sustainability and success for our activities. It is rests on four cornerstones: reduction of CO2 emissions in our operations; a “low carbon” oil and gas portfolio, characterised by conventional and low-intensity CO2 projects; green business development through increasing commitment to renewables; and commitment towards scientific and technological research.

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