Eni in Kenya


Eni in Kenya

Our activities in the country are still in their early stages, but include exploration and also sustainability projects aimed at improving access to power and water.

Through its subsidiary Eni Kenya, Eni has operated three blocks in the country's deep offshore since 2012. It’s an area bordering Somali waters at depths ranging from 2,800m to 4,000m. Contracts in place include mandatory minimum investments in projects to benefit the region and its communities. This activity is currently being implemented through initiatives relating to access to water and healthcare services in Lamu County – on the coast near the border with Somalia. It is regulated by a memorandum of understanding between the company and the county’s government. Projects in the Dadaab refugee camp comes up besides this commitment.

Lighting up Dadaab: the energy of dialogue


Lighting up Dadaab: the energy of dialogue

We provided 11 schools in the biggest refugee camp in the world with solar panels, allowing more than 7,000 children and young people to study more easily. Computers were installed at the same time. “Now we’ll be able to read when it’s dark”, students say.

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  • +40kW

    of solar energy installed

    +40 kW

    in the Dadaab camp

  • 11schools

    involved in the Dadaab project

    11 schools

    supporting a total of 10,000 people

  • 6.500residents

    benefit from clean water every day

    6.500 residents

    of Siyu

  • 20,000litres

    of water

    20,000 litres

    can be produced by the Siyu desalination plant every day

Water wells along the coastline of northern Kenya


Water wells along the coastline of northern Kenya

In Lamu County, Kenya, a programme has been launched to improve people’s health and access to clean water: two deep water wells have been drilled, one in Siyu and one in Pate. Along with a water desalination plant, these will benefit more than 6,000 people.

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That was one of the most rewarding things about spending nights in the open. Birds were bound to wake you up, and whether they carried good or bad luck, at least they woke you up with music.

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o


  • Access to water: wells on the northern coast

    Access to water: wells on the northern coast

    Eni Kenya carried out research into the health of those living on the northern coast of Kenya and the surrounding regions, with particular focus on the counties of Tana River, Kilifi and Lamu. Historically isolated, these areas are afflicted by high morbidity and mortality rates and poor access to clean water.