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A journey to undertake together

Our presence extends around the entire globe, allowing us to meet and work with all kinds of different people. What do we take with us? Strong skills and a thirst for knowledge.

We were born in Italy, but right from the start we’ve looked beyond our national boundaries. We work worldwide, combining our operations with plans for the development of local communities. We believe in dialogue, integration, transparency and the sharing of skills. We want to grow in tandem with the people who work with us.

Dual flag

Dual flag

A meeting of cultures

In the areas where we operate – be they cities or villages – our flag flies alongside that of the host nation. Co-operation and integration lie at the heart of our international activity.

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Business model

Business model

We work worldwide

Our business model is international; we work in 73 countries across five continents, where our skills are put to use to the benefit of all. People, the environment and integrity are fundamental values for us wherever we go.

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Eni for 2016

Eni promotes a broad portfolio of initiatives for local communities in those Countries in which it operates with the aim of producing a positive impact over the long term.

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Our sustainable growth

We aim to create long-term value and focus on safeguarding the environment and the communities in which we are active. The health and safety of the people who work with and for us, respect for human rights, ethics and transparency are paramount.


Dialogue and interaction

Communities are our key stakeholders in areas of operation. Dialogue and co-operation with them form the basis for opportunity and the creation of value.

Health and safety

Health and safety

We focus on safeguarding the health and safety of our people. We invest in training and risk prevention.

Human Rights

Human Rights

People are important to us. Throughout the chain of operations we select reliable partners who guarantee respect for people and their dignity.



EITI support

We publish payments, investments and returns for the 28 countries that have given their consent, as well as payments for a further two countries in which we have a presence that are part of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

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    Creating solutions together

    We believe in sharing skills and experience. We use the Knowledge Management System as a platform to improve efficiency in our work, prevent risks and accidents and disseminate task-specific knowledge accumulated by our employees.

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