We believe in internationalism

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We believe in internationalism

Eni’s pioneering spirit is growing thanks to the multiculturalism of its people.

Our company has its roots in Italy, but it has always looked far beyond the country’s borders. Since 1953, the year in which Eni was founded, we have invested in the concept of a pioneering future, comprising courage, determination, respect, dialogue and a desire for co-operation. We have created employment opportunities all over the world, combining our business operations with development projects to support local communities. We believe in integration, transparency and the sharing of skills – and grow together with the people who work with us.

A coming together of cultures


A coming together of cultures

Dialogue and integration underpin our international operations. We take inspiration from the Mattei Formula when planning our activities around the world; we have always been committed to supporting the economic and social development of the regions that house us.

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Working for the planet


Working for the planet

Our business model is enacted in 71 countries, where we are providing the skills and innovation that have always set us apart to ensure we play a key role in a low-emissions future.

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The people and countries that host us are our priority.

Claudio Descalzi

Sustainable growth

Looking after people and the natural environment is a top priority in all the regions where we work. We protect the local area and the communities in which we operate and strive to safeguard the health and safety of the people who work with us and for us. Our actions are shaped by ethics and transparency.


  • Protecting the planet

    Protecting the planet

    We take a preventative approach to protecting the environment, informing our people about the importance of local biodiversity and giving them a role to play.

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  • People come first

    People come first

    A culture of safety is integral to our company. That’s why we are committed to promoting healthy and safe conduct at work.


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  • Respect for human rights

    Respect for human rights

    Economic growth and protecting human rights go hand-in-hand. Respect for people’s rights is an integral feature of Eni’s policies and governance, which is why we work closely with NGOs.


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  • Fighting corruption

    Fighting corruption

    We comply with the law in all the countries where we work and fight corruption through widespread and frequent awareness campaigns and training – both in Italy and around the world.

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  • 32,195

    people at Eni


    in Italy and abroad

  • 7,580

    women at Eni


    in Italy and abroad

  • 30.7m €

    invested in training

    30.7 m €

    in 2017

  • 24,000

    people trained


    on human rights in 2016/17

  • 1.8bn €

    set aside for green business

    1.8 bn €

    Strategic Plan 2018-21


  • Rewarding excellence worldwide

    Rewarding excellence worldwide

    The Eni Award is our Nobel Prize, an international award dedicated to technological innovation that, since 2007, has been rewarding researchers from all over the world working on projects related to energy, sustainability and the environment.

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Tackling global challenges with MIT

Decarbonization is a fundamental topic at the heart of the collaboration between Eni and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). One of the major research projects currently under way is looking at magnetic fusion, which will provide a sustainable way to convert the sun’s energy into usable power.