Our internationality

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Our internationality

Eni's pioneering spirit grows with the multiculturalism of his people.

Our company has its roots in Italy, but we have always looked beyond the country’s borders. Since 1953, the year Eni was funded, we have invested in a forward looking idea of the future, made up of courage, determination, respect, a propensity for dialogue and a desire for cooperation. We have been able to create job opportunities all over the world, complementing our operational activities with development projects that help local communities. We believe in integration, transparency and skill sharing. We grow with the people who work with us.

A meeting of cultures


A meeting of cultures

Dialogue and integration constitute the foundation of our international presence. The Mattei Formula is our inspiration when we plan our activities around the world: we have always been committed to supporting the economic and social growth of the territories that host us.

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A commitment to efficiency


A commitment to efficiency

Our commitment to contribute to creating a more efficient system To ensure log-term growth lthe company must be economically, technically and environmentally efficient.

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The people and countries that host us are our priority.

Claudio Descalzi

Growing, sustainably

In all the areas in which we operate, the protection of people and the natural environment are our priority objectives. We are attentive to the communities and their spaces, we safeguard the health and safety of the people who work with us and for us. Our actions are based on ethical conduct and transparency.


  • We protect the planet

    We protect the planet

    Our approach to environmental protection is to prevent, inform and instill the importance of local biodiversity in our people’s minds.

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  • People First

    People First

    For us at Eni, safety at work is an essential value and an integral part of our operations. This is why we are committed to promoting healthy and safe behaviour in the workplace.

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  • Respect for human rights

    Respect for human rights

    There can be no economic growth without the protection of human rights Respect for human rights is an integral part of Eni’s day-to-day operations, our policies and governance. That is why we work closely with NGOs.

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  • We fight corruption

    We fight corruption

    We work in compliance with the law in all the countries in which we operate, fighting against corruption through widespread efforts focused on raising awareness and periodic training in Italy and worldwide.

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  • 67

    Countries where Eni is present


    in 2018

  • 30,950

    people at Eni


    in Italy and abroad in 2018

  • 7,307

    women in Eni


    in Italy and abroad in 2018

  • 10,653

    hours dedicated to human rights training


    in 2018

  • 94.8 € m

    investments in local development

    94.8  € m


  • We reward excellence in the world

    We reward excellence in the world

    Innovation, research and sustainability are Eni's focal points For us, passion converts into energy and transforms over time This is why the “Nobel Prize for Energy” changed in 2017: new categories were added that were more oriented towards issues related to decarbonization, renewables, energy transition, and a new award dedicated to graduates of African universities.

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We take on global challenges with MIT

We want to do the most we can in terms of decarbonization. This is why, Eni has chosen the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as its partner in magnetic containment fusion research: the purpose is to convert solar energy sustainably.