A historic partnership

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A historic partnership

In the Middle East since the 1950s; looking to the future.

In the Middle East since the 1950s; looking to the future.

New projects, contracts and agreements are further enhancing Eni’s long history in the Middle East. We have been working in this area since the 1950s, thanks to the enterprising spirit of our founder Enrico Mattei, who succeeded in building profitable and long-lasting partnerships with oil-producing countries. From our recently signed exploration contracts to our work in refining, Eni’s expansion in the Middle East has always been of benefit to the company and we now have projects running in the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Oman, Lebanon and Bahrain.

An important connection that will allow us to grow, strengthen integration and increase our refining capacity was forged with the signing of the agreement with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) Refining. This saw Eni acquire a share of the Middle-Eastern company’s refining operations, one of the largest projects ever undertaken in the refining sector.

Eni and Abu Dhabi: integration, complexity and efficiency

These agreements consolidate our strong partnership with ADNOC. In the space of less than one year, we have been able to create a business hub with world class upstream operations and a material and efficient refinery capacity with further potential growth.

Claudio Descalzi

CEO Claudio Descalzi describes the terms of the agreement with ADNOC Refining: from Italy to the Middle East, sharing strategies and skills in an increasingly important area. “We have developed various technologies in Italy that can be used to increase the flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness of Ruwais.”

The contract signed in Abu Dhabi is the latest in a series of agreements completed in the United Arab Emirates in January 2019. This agreement in the refining sector also provides an advantageous geographical location from which to supply markets in Africa, Asia and Europe: ADNOC Refining operates three refineries in Ruwais as well as Abu Dhabi, with a total refining capacity in excess of 900 thousand barrel per day. The Ruwais complex ranks fourth worldwide in terms of capacity and provides for a high conversion factor.

Eni will contribute to the technological development of the complex having already matured, in its European refineries, a vast experience in similar process and in the optimization activities: more and greater value for the business.

We signed agreements of huge strategic importance with the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Bahrain for exploring and producing large onshore and offshore oil and gas fields. Technological innovation, scientific expertise, quick start-up times and collaboration with our host countries have allowed us to strengthen our presence in a key area for the development of the energy industry.

Eni is beginning brand-new exploration work in Abu Dhabi. As part of the Emirate’s strategy to grant licences to international companies, ADNOC held an auction in April 2018, with Block 1 and Block 2 the first to be allocated.

Two crucial weeks

Eni signs nine deals on the Arabian peninsula. The ink in Chief Executive Officer Claudio Descalzi’s pen is running low after a January signing spree which has seen Eni sign a multi-billion dollar refinery deal in the United Arab Emirates as well as secure eight new exploration and production deals across the Arabian peninsula…

In addition to the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Bahrain in the Middle East Eni is also present in Lebanon and Iraq.

Resources and creating value

Exploration and development

Resources and creating value

Our work is based on passion and innovation. We have four main objectives in the field of exploration and development: low-cost resources, flexibility in the short term, creating sustainable value, and long-term growth in all the countries where we work.

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The secrets of the subsoil

Careful study of the subsoil allows us to analyse and plan all our activities meticulously. Our soil analysis is based predominantly on two innovative approaches: geological modelling and processing geophysical data.

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Downstream in the production chain

We are strengthening our presence in the refining sector through innovation, quality and modernisation. Refining & Marketing includes all activities relating to the procurement, supply, processing, distribution and marketing of fuels and chemical products.

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