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Eni after 6 is our flagship event in Brussels. Born in 2015, it brings together policy and opinion makers, corporate leaders and NGOs to debate the hot topics in the European energy world and beyond. In 90 minutes, a top-notch journalist challenges senior speakers on a topical issue, stimulating the discussion and engaging the audience in the debate. Speakers and audience have agreed and disagreed on topics ranging from the Energy Union to the transatlantic relations, from development to innovation, from access to energy to trade policy.

On November 14, just days after the publication of Europe’s landmark strategy to decarbonise transport, Henrik Hololei and Pierre Lahutte gave a taste of where it will take us – which technologies will drive decarbonisation, how will we go to work and travel in the next decades? For further information, please contact eniafter6@eni.com.

Eni after 6 has hosted EU Commissioners, Director-Generals, Ambassadors – and, of course, Eni’s own CEO.



Reducing emissions

Eni is reducing climate-change emissions and aiming to improve the efficiency of the activities as contribution towards a low-carbon future.

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Climate change

Climate change

Eni's commitment

The energy industry is facing the dual challenge of guaranteeing access to cheap energy for the entire global population and ensuring that this is done in a sustainable way for the environment, limiting the temperature rise to within 2°C.

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Fuel café

Fuel Café

Energy and ideas

On Fuel Café the debate about the Oil & Gas sectors and refinery is fuelled thanks to the contributions of the AGI, Italian Agency for Journalism and RIE, Research in Industry and Energy. Here you can find articles and in-depht information about the field of energy.

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