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Each of us

The future at the heart of our energy

“We live in a reality characterised by differences and disparities.” This is how Eni’s CEO, Claudio Descalzi, addressed the entire company, whether through streaming or the 1,700 managers in attendance, concerning the future of the planet in the ‘Ognuno di noi’ (Each of Us) event at the Nuvola in Rome on 12 July. The challenge is to meet the growing international energy demand with the requirement to reduce emissions. The COP21 was a major step forward in this direction, but Eni wants to do more and play a leading role in this challenge, which affects all of us.

Today’s energy companies need to look to the future without thinking of their business alone, but taking on great responsibilities. Eni has always had a calling, an identity, steeped in corporate social responsibility. We aim towards efficiency and resiliency in our businesses, but with even more challenging ambitions: to be leaders in carbon neutrality and have a positive impact on society. Innovative, outside-the-box thinking drives our growth and transports the innovation of the future into Eni’s present.

It is essential that our scientific research is recognised, used and increasingly involved. Researchers Alessandra Cominetti, Francesco Pasquali, Valerio Brocco, Rossella Bortolo and Filomena Castaldo talk about their work, which puts the principles of the circular economy into effect.


Filomena Castaldo, project manager on the CO2 bio-fixation project, talks about how the new biological commodity for the preparation of green diesel is produced, live from Ragusa.(English subtitles)


Rossella Bartolo from the Research Centre for Renewable Energy and the Environment in Novara, explains the exploitation of agricultural and forestry waste biomass and the innovative technologies downstream business lines. (English subtitles)


Valerio Brocco, head of projects to exploit the energy of urban waste, illustrates Waste-to-Fuel technology, which allows waste to be exploited and converted into energy and a second-generation biofuel.
(English subtitles)


Alessandra Cominetti, laboratory technician at the Research Centre for Renewable Energy and the Environment in Novara, has perfected organic solar panel technology together with his team, applying it to an inflatable solar system. (English subtitles)


For Eni, not to involve, hear, stimulate, call on and talk to those carrying out scientific research would be foolish. In this moment, we need to talk to each other, to be updated. To study, to work and produce new research, new results, and apply them.

Claudio Descalzi


Francesco Pasquali, from the Versalis Research Centre in Mantua, talks about plastic material recycling technologies, specifically polystyrene, one of the world’s most widespread plastics: light, resistant, insulating. (English subtitles)


Climate change


Our entire strategy will be accompanied by a profound process of digitalisation, innovation and sharing which will drive its continuous improvement. We are in the crucial phase of this process, with 150 projects across all business areas and over 150 managers involved, with the aim of achieving major effective economic benefits in the medium and short term.

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