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Bridging the gap: the urgent need for a new energy model

For the second year, Eni takes part in the event in Italy on 2 and 3 October

The Singularity University Summit comes to Italy for a second time, a great event on 2 and 3 October, in Milan.  The goal of this year’s summit? To help the leaders of each country understand how to apply the unlimited opportunities offered by exponential technologies, to achieve true change and a positive impact on their communities. Eni has always had a calling, an identity, steeped in corporate social responsibility. The biggest challenge we face today is delivering access to energy to all those who lack it today, by working hard and unlocking the potential of exponential technologies. We are on the front line of energy access programmes in Africa.

The First Step: Guaranteeing Accessible Energy for All

On 2 October, at 16:00, Eni’s Dario Pagani and Marco Rotondi will take the stage. Two men, two cities: Ferrera Erbognone, in Italy, and Pointe Noire, in Congo. Two men who have seen a lot around the world, yet not the same world. Two cities separated by their geography, one in the north and one in the south of the world, but which risk moving further apart than ever. There is a pressing need to rethink the development models we have adopted to date. Closing the gap between the North and South of the world and guaranteeing real and equal development is an issue we can no longer ignore.

We are presenting a number of projects relating to the circular economy at our 60 sqm stand. Innovative, sustainable solutions for the management and transformation of waste into biofuel, the conversion of refineries into bio-refineries, the rehabilitation of sites, leveraging existing assets, avoiding waste, and putting all available resources back into the cycle. The projects on show include Waste to Fuel, for the production of biofuel from used cooking oils, and the project with Versalis for recycling used polystyrene for insulation panels.

For around one billion people, the issue is not the exponential growth of technology, but access to energy, a fundamental prerequisite for technology itself. The pronounced difference between two parts of the same world is a problem that needs to be addressed, as it is no longer sustainable and can no longer be put off to future generations. It is a problem for mix shall run, swim and ride, as a triathlon athlete. We need a mix that shall be affordable, dense and low carbon.


Alphonse Itoua Ondongo of SNE, the national electricity company, talks about how life has changed since electricity came to the Republic of Congo’s second biggest city. Electricity has injected new life into the community. Because, as Mr Ondongo explains, “energy is the basis for development.”

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Access to energy

OCTP is the one and only unassociated gas development project dedicated to domestic demand in Sub-Saharan Africa. It will guarantee at least 15 years of stable, reliable, and affordable gas supply for Ghana.

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Access to water is a fundamental enabler for development. In Mozambique, only 13 million people have access to clean drinking water – that is less than half the total population. Thanks to the “Water Wells Project” project in Palma, we are promoting access to clean drinking water.

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Our entire strategy is underpinned by a profound process of digitalisation, innovation, and sharing, which is bringing continuous improvement. By investing in new solutions, we can maximise the efficiency and sustainability of our operations, while minimising our costs and environmental impact. A real commitment we actively pursue in every area of our business.

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Singularity University is a global community for innovation and culture, established in 2008. It applies exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges and create a more abundant future for all. The platform empowers individuals and organisations all around the world to learn, network, and innovate through solutions that leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital biology.


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Data Science Lab

Data Science Lab

Eni Data Lab and social listening

Drawing on the three technologies, Eni’s Data Lab presents visitors with hypothetical scenarios, illustrated by scale models, of how they might be applied. Through this data-based experience, visitors can deepen their understanding of the technologies and appreciate the benefits of their future use. Understanding how news and events associated with our company are perceived globally is vital in guiding our strategy.