Maker Faire 2018


We share the value of innovation

Eni is a partner for the sixth Maker Faire, taking place on 12-14 October at Fiera Roma.

Once again, for the fifth consecutive year, Eni took part in Maker Faire Rome: The European Edition. With seven themed pavilions and more than 100,000m² of displays – allowing you to touch the future with your own hands – this is the biggest annual celebration of the ‘maker movement’. It’s an event dedicated to all makers who put creativity and invention at the heart of their work in ICT, robotics and automation. The ‘maker movement’ is based on reusing and sharing information, with the aim of benefitting the economy.

During the Maker Faire opening conference, our CEO Claudio Descalzi’s outlined the company’s sustainable business model, where rubbish is seen as a resource and waste materials are converted into energy or new products – giving new life to something that previously appeared worthless.

Pavilion 6 has been largely dedicated to topics connected to the circular economy. In the middle, Eni’s space, where a special installation will bring our approach to life and demonstrate our commitment to innovation.

We are leading a revolution, aiming for an evolution of our business based on values

Claudio Descalzi, Chief executive, Eni