Africa in numbers at the MAXXI museum in Rome.

As part of its African Metropolis exhibition, the MAXXI museum in Rome will be hosting DATAFRICA from 4 October – a narrative journey into Africa, explored through data, future events and scenarios, key numbers, and the strengths and paradoxes that are such a feature of the African continent. The idea is to use the art of data visualisation to combine physical design elements with interactive technologies, helping visitors to grasp the reality of Africa by engaging with the installations, yet without using any photos or videos. The exhibition is our way of conveying both a challenge and an opportunity – a cultural shift, a new paradigm compatible with the future of the planet. An inclusive future.

Make In’AFRICA (Maxxi museum, Rome, 15 October) was sponsored by Eni and offered an opportunity for discussion dedicated to African startups on the topics of innovation and the circular economy. Guests included the winners of Make In 'Africa, the Maker Faire contest born from the desire to support the realisation of projects and innovative solutions for access to energy in African countries. Also in attendance were Blessing Ugwoke, a young talent from Africa who is studying off-grid renewable energy systems in Nigeria, winner of the Eni Award 2017, and Emerance Jessica Claire D'Assise Goma-Tchimbakala, winner of the Eni Award 2018.


The MAXXI museum is hosting a debate on new economic models, practical solutions and energy. The DATAFRICA exhibition takes us into the heart of Africa, through an exploration of the numbers and data that speak most clearly of the continent and can help us understand it. Outlines of future scenarios, snapshots of the continent’s strengths, opportunities, and paradoxes – magnitudes and dimensions that give us immediate insight into phenomena that otherwise elude our grasp.

The scenario was our starting point, while solutions were our aim, inevitably taking in innovation along the way.

The six-legged dog left its first paw prints in the Egyptian desert in 1954. Today, Africa supplies over half of Eni's total production of crude oil and natural gas, making it the leading international producer on the continent. It all started with an idea: the idea of directly involving producer nations in the extraction of oil. That visionary concept has since been transformed into a commitment to an “Africa for Africa” model of development, where the key lies in access to energy. In the last few years, we have made many important discoveries in Egypt, the Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Angola and Ghana, and we continue to actively support many important development projects.

Our Africa


  • Skills and technology

    Skills and technology

    We have been developing our own proprietary algorithms since the seventies, and, over time, digital transformation has increasingly become a key driver of the company's development. Today, in this way, we can access new energy resources, use energy sources more efficiently and reach key sustainable development targets.



Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact

Eni's strategy is based on energy transition and has an ambitious objective: to be leaders in carbon neutrality. In this stage, we are transitioning from a system based on fossil fuels to one based on renewable sources such as natural gas, which has a low carbon content. It is an ambitious project, with values at its very core.



  • Our journey in Africa

    Our journey in Africa

    From the “Mattei formula” to today’s “dual flag” strategy, we will take you on a journey through words and numbers, the story of our road to sustainability in Africa. Because even numbers have a soul, since behind those numbers there is always a story and a person. Or rather, stories about people.

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