Open innovation

Eni is putting out a call for Italian start-ups to launch new digitalization projects.

CallForGrowth, Eni’s project dedicated to Italian start-ups, developed in partnership with growITup, the open innovation platform that helps large companies to forge new partnerships with fledgling business, is now underway. Under the scheme, Italian start-ups can propose cutting-edge projects to digitalize specific areas linked to the health and safety of staff, digital solutions to increase the value provided by service stations and solutions to make the company’s manuals fully interactive and integrated with digital twins, the virtual 3D alter egos that provide support and backup for Eni’s operations. The best start-ups will be given the opportunity to work with Eni and begin a process of continual development.

Start-ups, which must be at the post-seed stage and have a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), have until 21 January, 2019, to sign up for CallForGrowth. Following preliminary screening, businesses will be invited to a selection workshop in Milan in February. Here Eni, along with the growITup team, will decide on the solutions that best meet its innovation requirements and launch a collaboration process that could lead to a commercial, technological and industrial partnership.

How to take part

The three main fields covered by the initiative are retail, health and the digital interactivity of operating manuals, and Italian start-ups are being asked to contribute suitable ideas, solutions and designs.

The future of service stations


The future of service stations

Digital solutions to increase the value of service stations and expand the customer experience.

Healthy people and workplaces


Healthy people and workplaces

Cutting-edge solutions to digitalize specific areas linked to the health and safety of Eni’s employees.

Digital and interactive user manuals


Digital and interactive user manuals

Solutions to make manuals fully digital, interactive and integrated with 3D digital twins, providing fast support to operations.

We set out on the path of digital transformation several decades ago – a long time before the industry as a whole started talking about it – processing a large quantity of data gave us a huge competitive advantage. Eni's digital transformation is therefore a story of the integration of people, skills, technology and IT. With more than 150 digitalization projects in progress across all areas of the business – and the launch of HPC4, the most powerful industrial computing system in the world, in early 2018 – this process is currently going through a crucial phase and today includes open innovation. This call for ideas offers the company the opportunity to expand its range of digital innovation projects and provides tangible development opportunities to the most promising Italian start-ups.

In the long term, digital transformation forms part of a wider process of evolution that will see Eni becoming even more integrated in its processes, increasingly able to pair emerging digital skills with traditional technical skills, open to innovation in its collaborations with cutting-edge, hi-tech start-ups, more efficient in its operational and work processes and increasingly attractive to young talented individuals.