Open innovation

Eni and Italian start-ups: new digitalization projects.

CallForGrowth is the Eni’s project, developed in partnership with growITup, aimed to establish a bridge with, and act as trigger for, the Italian start-up ecosystem. From the selection process which was launched in November 2018, Nuvap, Fluxedo and Inglobe were chosen as offering the most promising solutions with respect to the Group’s needs. They are working alongside Eni to develop cutting-edge digital solutions in the areas of personal health and safety, for developing the retail services In the fuel stations or for enriching the experience of operating manuals and procedures by means of digitalization.

As part of the Open Innovation initiative, CallForGrowth has served as a channel for attracting, interacting with and engaging with the Italian business community. The Proof of Concepts (POC) are underway in each of the three selected areas and the results are expected by the end of the year.

The experiment with Nuvap will enable the monitoring of twenty different air quality parameters in the offices / laboratories, to identify risk areas and factors (environmental or behavioural) connected to the onset of potentially unhealthy situations. The POC will also look into the possibility of integrating the monitoring of other non-chemical parameters and will evaluate the effectiveness of advanced air quality monitoring as a tool for community engagement.

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The future of gas stations

Fluxedo is the start-up that has been selected to test a new indoor and outdoor monitoring system that maps the experience and behavioural dynamics of customers in Eni Stations: we want to identify the service satisfaction indicators in the fuel and / or non-fuel areas, identify the drivers of buying choices or cross-selling opportunities and integrate the Eni Station+ app.

Inglobe Technologies wants to promote a new experience for using and understanding plant procedures and to expand the Training tools for operators: the POC will involve the digitalisation and integration of the operating manuals and testing the effectiveness of Augmented Reality features.

The future of gas stations

We set out on the path of digital transformation several decades ago – a long time before the industry as a whole started talking about it – processing a large quantity of data gave us a huge competitive advantage. Eni's digital transformation is therefore a story of the integration of people, skills, technology and IT. With more than 150 digitalization projects in progress across all areas of the business – and the launch of HPC4, the most powerful industrial computing system in the world, in early 2018 – this process is currently going through a crucial phase and today includes open innovation. This call for ideas offers the company the opportunity to expand its range of digital innovation projects and provides tangible development opportunities to the most promising Italian start-ups.

In the long term, digital transformation forms part of a wider process of evolution that will see Eni becoming even more integrated in its processes, increasingly able to pair emerging digital skills with traditional technical skills, open to innovation in its collaborations with cutting-edge, hi-tech start-ups, more efficient in its operational and work processes and increasingly attractive to young talented individuals.