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Eni-MIT: research in the Upstream sector

The technology developed as a result of collaboration enhances our portfolio of projects.

As well as research into solar power, the partnership between Eni and MIT has led to technologies relevant to the upstream sector. Alfonso Amendola, a young researcher at Eni, spent a month in Boston working on experiments that aim to make technology transfer more direct and efficient. In this interview he reflects briefly on how to innovate using the integrated approach for which MIT is renowned.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Oil recovery

We use nanoemulsions to push oil towards the producer wells, making recovery more efficient.


I believe that technology transfer is one of the main strengths of the collaboration between Eni and MIT.

Alfonso Amendola



Petroleum System Modelling

By combining geological, geophysical and experimental data with advanced modelling we can identify structures likely to favour hydrocarbon deposits with even more accuracy.



Wearable technology: fashion or safety?

The Safety++ project, being tested in the field for the first time at the Gela site, is a collaboration between Eni and MIT. The joint research aims to improve the safety of employees in potentially dangerous work environments. Among the prototypes being tried out are "wearable technologies". These are able to detect specific hazards through sensors built in to items of clothing, which they communicate to the operator by means of a special vibrating undershirt.

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Flow Assurance

Flow Assurance

Reduced use of chemicals

We are experimenting with new inner coatings for our oil pipelines to limit the build-up of deposits and reduce the amount of chemical additives needed to remove them.

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Exploration at Eni

We are world leaders in oil exploration. Thanks to our technology we have identified fields such as Coral and Zohr and built Goliat.

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Renewables and energy storage, safety in the workplace, decarbonisation and solar energy. Eni and MIT are working together on the transition to a safe and low-carbon energy model. The technologies resulting from this collaboration will change the way we produce and consume energy. Marco Bistolfi, R&D external co-operations manager, and Massimiliano Pieri, vice president for co-operation with MIT, discuss the results of a mutually-beneficial alliance that has been in place since 2008.

Strategic collaboration