HPC: Eni’s Super Explorer

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HPC: Eni’s Super Explorer

The most powerful computer in Europe dedicated to the industrial production of oil and gas.

The calculation programs developed by the supercomputer combine the algorithms of highly accurate seismic imaging with the most modern programming techniques.


Access to the secrets of High Performance Computing accompanies the six-legged dog around the world and forms the basis of the company’s success in exploration.


  • The supercomputer Hpc

    The supercomputer that makes an ultrasound scan of the rock

    Our HPC system is based on the most powerful supercomputer used for oil and gas production in Europe. Thanks to this technology we will be able to increase the capacity of hydrocarbon recovery. Fewer wells, lower environmental impact.

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Low consumption, high performance

Performance and technology

Low consumption, high performance

Using the power of 1,500 IBM computing nodes, with 3,000 new Intel processors and the same number of NVIDIA GPU accelerators, the new HPC system, with low power consumption, has enabled Eni to increase its computing capacity to three petaflops (a petaflop is a measure of a computer's processing speed and can be expressed as a quadrillion – or thousand trillion – floating point operations per second) to more effectively support exploration and study of reservoirs.

The Green Data Centre in Ferrera Erbognone (Pavia) houses Eni’s central computer systems both for IT management and oil and gas applications. The inauguration of the Green Data Centre was an ideal opportunity to renew and reinforce Eni’s entire HPC environment.

Characteristics of the HPC

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