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The terrestrial surface in three dimensions

We reproduce subsoil in high definition thanks to DVA technology.

One of the most significant examples of applications developed in-house in recent years is Depth Velocity Analysis (DVA) – a platform for the analysis of seismic data that allows us to obtain a 3D image of the subsoil as close as possible to reality. Erika Gentile, Eni coordinator for the processing of seismic data, tells us about the power of key software in our exploration.


Erika Gentile

A complementary mix of different skills, together with continuous learning and a passion for the subject, allows us to implement bespoke workflows for each project.

Erika Gentile

Eni Award

Eni Award

How was the DVA platform born?

It was 2009 when Eni engineer Clara Andreoletti received the Eni Award for a software package which enabled the analysis of seismic velocity. From that moment onwards, DVA technology became an indispensable working instrument for the study of the subsoil.


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Successful exploration

Succesful Exploration

The deepest goal in the world

The development of cutting-edge technologies for the study of the subsoil is vital to the success of Eni in the discovery of new deposits. It is within the scope of successful platform exploration that we study sophisticated systems to render high-resolution 3D images of the structure of the subsoil – both in terrestrial and marine areas – on the basis of the data acquired.

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Seismic reflectiion


Seismic reflection

Sound waves produced in the subsoil are reflected differently according to the various materials they encounter. By recording such reflections through "geophones" it is possible to construct detailed 3D images of the different geological formations and identify potential hydrocarbon deposits.

Gravitative flows

Today Eni produces oil and gas from turbidite reservoirs beneath the Adriatic Sea, in West Africa, the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea and Indonesia. Recent exploration activity offshore of Mozambique and Ghana are also based on the discovery of turbidite deposits. Everything has its origin in the phenomenon of gravitational flows. What are they? How do they form? And why is there such great interest in them?