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Clean Sea

An underwater robot to serve the sea.

Clean Sea will be used for the first time for marine environmental monitoring and offshore asset inspection (“asset integrity”) in the Mediterranean region and West Africa. Eni will establish two logistics bases, one in Angola and the other in Sicily with a dedicated operative team to cover worldwide routine activity. In the Mediterranean basin, Clean Sea will be operated by Enimed in Gela.


It’s an autonomous underwater robot, the result of Eni technology, developed to undertake monitoring and inspection activities at offshore Oil & Gas plants.


Giuseppe Tannoia, Eni’s Head of Technological Research & Innovation explains what makes Clean Sea so special.

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Like a drone

The Clean Sea technology is based on the use of an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) similar to a drone. the pilot-less flying vehicles. Like drones, AUVs were created and developed for military purposes, but they are being rapidly adapted for use in a range of other scientific and industrial situations.

This highly versatile tool will have important applications both directly in the exploration and production area as well as in other environmental spheres for the analysis of the health of our seas. Eni’s Clean Sea project consolidates the company’s commitment to the development and use of the most advanced technologies in support of its Oil & Gas activities in a manner that is increasingly safe, efficient and respectful of the environment...

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