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Agip Photographs

Agip photographs

A collection of photographs that record the historical and industrial evolution of the company both in Italy and abroad since the 1920s. There are images of the first oil exploration activities and early refining plants, including the famous Cortemaggiore site and Aipa's oil exploration activities in Albania. There is also an extensive collection of photographs showing Agip's oil exploration activities in Iran, taken by Federico Patellani at the end of the 1950s. Another large group of photographs are based on the fuel distribution network, following the architectural evolution of Agip service stations in Italy and abroad as well as the evolution of additional client services, such as Ristoragip and Motelagip. Federico Patellani also compiled a large photographic dossier on service stations throughout Italy, from north to south, that shows a "minor", authentic Italy seen from Agip service stations. This archive also contains photographs showing the development of the Agipgas production and sales structure.


Agip photograph

Agip photograph

Agip photograph

Agip photograph

Agip photograph

Agip photograph

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