Shareholders' Meeting 2017

2017 Shareholders' Meeting

Ordinary Meeting 13 April 2017


The Company’s share capital subscribed and fully paid up is equal to €4,005,358,876.00, represented by 3,634,185,330 ordinary shares without indication of par value, each share entitles to one vote in ordinary and extraordinary Shareholders' Meetings. The Company holds no. 33,045,197 treasury shares, corresponding to 0.91% of the share capital. For treasury shares voting rights are suspended. The shares are counted for the purposes of the regular constitution of the Shareholders’ Meeting, but not for the calculation of the majority required for approval of the resolutions on the agenda.

Shareholders' Rights

Owning Eni shares is the key to entering the life of the Company and taking part in making key decisions. Download the primary non-financial rights connected to the Shareholders' Meeting.



The most frequently asked questions about the Shareholders' Meeting

You can look at this video for clear and direct information on attendance procedures and on the rights that can be exercised at 2017 Shareholders’ Meeting of Eni.