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When it comes to heating your own four walls or your business premises, Eni is on hand as your reliable partner. Advanced technology and high-quality brand products make sure that from energy costs to environmental protection, every single aspect of modern heating solutions is carefully considered.

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Fuel oil
Fuel oil is a liquid fuel from crude oil and is divided into different types depending on properties such as density, boiling pint, viscosity and sulphur content. These types vary considerably in terms of on area of application and quality. The main types of Fuel oil are domestic fuel oil and heavy fuel oil.

Domestic fuel oil

  • belongs to the group of middle distillates with a boiling range between 180°C und 360°C.
  • is freed through hydrogenation, mainly of sulphur compounds.
  • is used by approx. 60% of households, 30% of traders and business and 8% of industry. The rest is used for electricity, heating and gas production.

Heavy fuel oil
  • is a very viscous product and must be preheated for transport and incineration
  • 83% is used as fuel in industry, 9% in electricity and gas plants and 7% in district heating stations. The rest is lost during shipping.

Fiamma - the power fuel oil from Eni
  • offers perfect storage stability
  • delivers optimal combustion values
  • protects the environment
  • contributes to cost savings
  • promotes the cleanliness and operational safety of the heating system.
  • is subjected to constant inspections by RWTÜV Essen.

LPG as clean energy
LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, and is a collective term for gaseous hydrocarbons such as propane, butane and propylene and their mixtures. It is characterised by the following features:
  • liquefaction even at low pressure and room temperature
  • storage and transport in a liquid state (i.e. in steel tanks)
  • Use in a gaseous state
  • Areas of application: heating, cooking and lighting gas in industry, household and camping.

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