Super E10

Super E10

Super E10 is a motor fuel which contains up to 10% ethanol. This new fuel fulfils the legal requirements stipulated in the standard E DIN 51626-1 for E10.

Why Super E10?
The petroleum industry is required by law to sell an increasing proportion of biofuels. For a few years, therefore, motor fuels has contained up to 5% ethanol, whereas up to 7% biodiesel is added to diesel. Given that the obligatory proportion of biofuels in fossil fuels continuously increases, motor fuel will contain up to 10% ethanol from the beginning of 2011. This fuel is distinguished as Super E10.

Is Super E10 compatible with my vehicle?
Before using Super E10 for the first time, you must make sure that it is compatible with your vehicle! A list of Super E10-approved vehicles can be viewed on the following websites:

Deutsche Automobil Treuhand:

If the information provided on these websites is not sufficient, please contact your vehicle manufacturer directly.

Note! If your vehicle is not suitable for use with Super E10, filling your tank just once can cause serious damage to your vehicle! It is therefore essential that you consult your vehicle manufacturer about your vehicle's compatibility with Super E10 beforehand. For vehicles which cannot be fuelled with Super E10, our Eni service stations continue to offer our Super and Super Plus fuels, which contain a maximum of 5% ethanol and are therefore harmless.


Last updated on 09/08/11