The Green Data Center efficiency

An efficient data center

Walter Nardelli, head of Eni's Green Data Center, explains the plant's features: "The Green Data Center is more efficient than others because from the design stage we designed the computers first and then the box around it. This allowed us to assess and find alternative solutions to achieve maximum efficiency. The Green Data Center makes the most of the air from outside, for more than 90 percent of the year it is cooled exclusively with external air, without the use of refrigerants or similar. Air cooling uses external air cleaned through large filters to cool our computers and puts it back into the environment cleaner than when it was captured. This makes it more efficient than other data centres which require much more energy to cool computers".

"The Ferrera Erbognone photovoltaic plant was built to be a Green Data Center - adds Patrick Bonino, president and CEO of Eni New Energy -, so that the group's industrial land could be used to generate energy from renewable sources, for our own use on our industrial sites. This plant will be the first to come into operation as part of the Italian project to generate energy from renewable sources on the Eni Group's industrial sites. The photovoltaic plant has a power of one megawatt and generates enough power to meet the energy needs of over 500 families".