The story of Giuseppe and Luca - #Trasformazione: Porto Marghera

The stories of Giuseppe and Luca

Giuseppe Favero, former commander of the internal Fire Department of the Porto Marghera refinery tells his story: "The transformation of our Marghera refinery has been remarkable. I would say that there have been cultural changes. In part because the law intervened setting new acceptable standards. But also because workers and their trade unions made a practical contribution to this enormous qualitative leap. In my opinion, this became one of the safest factories”.

Luca Meneghin, Executive Vice President of Versalis at Porto Marghera, explains the plant's features: "The refinery covers almost 600 hectares and Versalis has about 110 of those hectares. Inside the plant we have the cracking and aromatics production facilities. Cracking is a very important system because, from a logistical point of view, it is central to the entire North-East area. And they have a very important piece of infrastructure, the pipeline, which supplies both Ferrara and Mantua. The plant produces ethylene and propylene with the cracking system and benzene and toluene with aromatic systems. These substances are used to produce the most common plastics that we use every day: from plastic bottles to mobile phones and many other applications".