Energy Superfacts: EcoBikini

EcoBikini in four stages

Two piece, one-piece, bandeau. Is there a swimming costume more ecological than the rest? Fast fashion is cheap and great for us but is it good for the environment? 2625 kilos of fashion waste is produced every second, 706 billion kilos of greenhouse gases are produced every year and producing just one synthetic t-shirt releases 5.5 kilos of CO2.


An Italian company has found a way to recover the nylon and endlessly recycle it. A circular economy for swimwear too. 


    • Recover: The company reuses nylon separated from waste deposited on beaches: fishing nets, used carpets, fabric scraps, industrial plastics. 

    • Regenerate: Recovered nylon regains its original properties after undergoing a chemical process. 

    • Restore: The new nylon is ready to be reused in the fashion world. 

    • Redesigned: Now we have our new stylish swimwear. 


Every 10 thousand tonnes of regenerated nylon saves 70 thousand barrels of crude oil and 57,100 tons of CO2 emissions.