CO2 for dummies #2

The history of CO2

In the comfortable primordial environment kept warm by CO2, which retained the sun's heat in the earth's core, the first random experiments began with molecules continually moving around, breaking up and reforming, warmed by the heat and ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. One day, one of these groups of molecules managed to use this heat to break the bonds trapping the carbon inside the CO2 and used the atoms as bricks to build with each other and grow. One of these groups grew so much that it managed to divide and multiply while keeping its original characteristics and not losing the progress it had made up to then. And this was the start of life. This evolution continued until a group of molecules stopped using the heat and began to use sunlight. It was able to take the carbon directly from CO2 and use it to make many things: sugars, cellulose, amino acids, proteins and DNA. This was the birth of photosynthesis and evolution continued.