Energy Superfacts: Alternative beer

The circular beer

Circular beer means zero waste, it is produced with recovered water and can be made from food waste. And nothing is thrown away from the beer: every litre of beer generates 200 grams of crushed barley grains threshing, equal to 39 billion tonnes of waste per year. Threshing can be used to produce: supplements, feeds and fertilizers. 

A Belgian brewery has brought a 7 thousand year old recipe back to life: the ancient Babylonians produced beer from bread scraps, replacing 20% ​​of the malt. 1 litre of beer is made with 4/10 litres of water. Each year 1.96 billion hectolitres of beer are produced. This uses more than 800 billion litres of water every year. A Dutch brewery has discovered a way to filter rainwater.

Sustainable packaging: every year 10 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea. 50/70% of microplastics are swallowed by sea birds, 80% by turtles. An American brewery has created biodegradable "six packs".