Talking about the HPC4 - #ImagineEnergy

The potential of the HPC4 supercomputer

Federico Mezza, vice president of Eni IT Services, describes the huge potential of the Green Data Center: "The launch of HPC4 represents a great achievement for our company because it will allow us to achieve new business results. It is a source of pride and highlights the importance of the data center. We have put in place robust and largely scalable architecture in the Green Data Center. Bear in mind that today, we have about 15 thousand CPUs dedicated to this IT and we manage around 10 million gigabytes of data". "The company's digitization and the ever increasing availability of computing power guarantee us the possibility of increasing the speed at which we develop processes - adds Erika Gentile, Eni Manager of Geophysical Studies for Reservoir Studies -. It allows us to implement new workflows that mean we can follow the business line at every stage. This help us to profoundly improve the results of our individual processes".