I volti di Eni

Eni’s faces

We would like to introduce you to Alessandra, Claudia, Giuseppe, Francesca, Carlo, and so on. But they are not just names, they are our people.

by Gabriella Galloro
3 min read
by Gabriella Galloro
3 min read

«You can’t sleep if you know that a well is working»

I love ‘in-between’ places: subways, airports, train stations and so on. Those non-places that people travel through, some already lost in whatever awaits them on arrival, others lost in the journey. Ever since I was little, I have always liked to watch travelers, imagine who they are and where they’re going. I would use the more or less obvious details about them to weave together a story. Sometimes –  as only ever seems to happen in films – I would get the chance to stop and talk to some of these people, and their faces would begin to mean something to me.
When I first joined Eni, the lobby of the building where I worked seemed like a big subway station… at rush hour! Everyone was heading off to their own destinations, some in a hurry (perhaps because of some impending deadline), others moving at a more sedate pace, maybe finishing off one last conversation before starting. After almost ten years, to be honest I still feel the same emotion.
Some of the key people of an energy company engaged in the research and development of new energy sources pass through there, all of them contributing to the results that we in External Communications then make public to the world. But “New discovery in Egyptian offshore”, “awarded high potential exploration block in Argentinean offshore” would just be headlines and words if there were not stories behind them – of the people who work on these projects, even to the detriment of their family lives, because “you can’t sleep if you know that a well is working”.
That last quote is the perfect way to encapsulate the project that we are launching today: “The Faces of Eni”. What you will see in these profiles is the stories of some of our colleagues who have agreed to share with us part of their personal life, which of course is interwoven with Eni’s story.
We will take you to Taranto, in the far south of Italy, passing through Milan and on to Pavia and the heart of our HPC4 supercomputer. We will race a motorbike around a professional race circuit and we will go to one of our research centres in Novara, where we will discover that love can blossom amid the effort to find the perfect solution for a project, among the pipettes and the microscopes. And we’ll tell you about passions. Like the passion of a child who loved going to the woods to look at rocks, which today as a geologist tell him stories that go back millions of years.


Our People

We would like to introduce you to Alessandra, Claudia, Giuseppe, Francesca, Carlo, and so on… But they are not just names, they are our people: people who each day put everything into their work, some accepting challenges (despite a thousand doubts) that they would never have expected to face, some who are constantly packing their bags and moving on. But all of them, whatever they’re doing in every part of the world, have found a family, because that is also part of what it means to work in Eni.