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Don’t throw anything away

Food should never be wasted. Our grandmothers knew this well, whose sumptuous lunches were transformed the following day into more than decent leftovers.


Investor Day Milan 2018

CEO Claudio Descalzi illustrates the Strategic Plan 2018-2021 to the financial community.

18 April 2018

The other half of Texas

Travel to Austin, the capital of Texas in the middle of a digital revolution that goes far beyond the oil industry. Music, Millennials and craft beer.

01 January 2013

Mozambique El Dorado

Mozambique is full of surprises, a country with a promising future in the energy sector. But for the growth of a Country, education is also a crucial driver.


Access to water: looking to the future

The survival of life on the planet depends on water resources. In our local development projects, initiatives to support water access are crucial.


A record in the middle of the sea

The importance of the sea, navigation and discovery. The spectacular results achieved with the FPSO Olombendo.

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